31 March 2009

Goa (2nd Day)

Day 2: 21-22nd March

20:00 Drove by at the shop who's name we forgot to take down, got some Royal Stag for San and myself (atleast that what I think it was, I just realized I don't know what Bow bought). Sripad & Bow got themselves Mansion House. Got to Baga, where most of the night life is centered I am told. We parked the car, and spent probably the longest time people would spend in a parked car, drinking & chatting. We finally got out of the car, and took a walk along the streets of Baaga which were so beautifully lit by lights.

21:30 I'm not really sure anymore how we ended up in Lime Light, waitor was Ashley. Got some fish fingers, chips, yummy yummy chilly sauce & beers. Sat down to get some light dinner, and what have you on the tele, but the Man U vs Fullham game. Needless to say, the best of us needed the drink from the car after the end of that game, the beers were just not doing it anymore. I remember Sripad, doing his thing, struck a conversation with someone from Manchester who claimed one of the footballers visit the pub he's at all the time. And ofcourse the men & San hit it off with the football talk, while Bow and I busied ourselves with matters close to the heart. We then headed over to Mambos, although I think it was Bhav and myself that went walking off first, while the other two finished off the bottle.

23:00 This is where things get slightly fuzzy, for me anyhow. So we had another round of beer (courtesy San), and then went dancing. I remember seeing crazy cat woman (will try and put up a pic here some time), all she was missing was a whip. And then for the rest of the night, I remember dancing and dancing and dacing. I will not recount the embarassing moments shared by us, but I will tell ya that we had a round of teq shots (San again) & Sripad eventually became the sole proprietor of all our bags. And did I forget to mention, we had some pics, some videos & a lot of fun. We did have a surprise visit from Ashley, Ashley D' Silva was it or did he Ashley Cole ;)

02:30 So by this point, I'm spent out. And as you will notice there's a pattern in my blog posts, where the end of the night involves me passing out. This is no different night. We walked away from Mambos (did I tell you they were holding some Ms India thing at Titos where the cute owner of Casa Praia was hanging out- sigh). So off to find food. Verdict: YUMMMMMMY.

The Curry House

San: Cheese naan & Garlic prawns.
Bow: Cheese garlic naan & Cheese garlic mash potatoes.
Sripad: Masala chicken & Rice.
Sabi: Goan fish curry & Rice.

I don't remember drinking more beer, but the pictures show a bottle of KF in them. So I'm guessing we had some. I know I didn't, because I passed out till the food came, ate the food, and then passed out, slept on the way back in the car, got off the car & crawled into bed.

11:00 Woke up, got ready. Not quite hung over, not quite there either. While the girls showered, went shopping with Sripad, bought a 5 litre bottle of water, which we forgot to buy when we got beers, got some ice cream, my bikini & shades. Put some sunblock on, (some of us more than others- hint) and headed out to Baga beach.

13:00 Baga beach. Miles of beach sand, shore line and the beach. It was super hot, so we hung out in the shade. It was a Sunday and we treated it like Sunday.

San: Garlic cheese naan & Fish caldin with Kingfisher.
Bow: Talgennie(mushroom & cheese pasta) with lemon soda.
Sripad: Goan pork sausages & Rice with Kingfisher.
Sabi: Goan pork sausages, Pork Vindaloo & Rice with lemon soda.

Rolled over to Roseal Shack, got a comfy sleepy chair, brought out our books. San & Sripad opted to have more beer, Bow & I opted to get some breezers instead. After all the food we had, don't think we drank it too fast. Lazing in the sun is an amazing stress buster, the menu flying into Sripads face with a nice noise on impact is another stress buster. From where we sat, we noticed several things :the beach is really swarming with foreigners. Children can be hired to massage you on the sunbed. Lying on the sunbed high noon, is one sure way of burning your skin to a crisp, painful red.

17:00 Bow & I made it to the beach, while the other two opted to stay at the shack. We wadded out into the red flag areas and then got whistled into the herd pool. And here, a conglomeration of men in undies, wet and stalker-ish. We fought the waves, cautiously, keeping an eye out for the creepy crawlies. As it began to cool down, we met San & Sripad to return to Burritos for some desset & sunset.

18:00 Watched sunset by the beach, with the following accompaniments (after waiting f-o-r-e-v-e-r to be served!)

San: Chocolate walnut mousse
Bow: Blueberry Cheese cake
Sripad: Tiramisu
Sabi: Apple cinnamon cheese cake

19:00 Got back into the car, we had to return it soon, drove back to Candolim. Returned the empty bottles of beer from the fridge (all that time spent getting ready to go out, better spent drinking beer and cheersing to the fact that we were in GOA), and restocked on some more Kingfisher, Mansion House & Coffee. Said bye bye to the trusty Wagon-R. Showered, had some more beer. I remember taking a quick nap, last night in Goa did not want to fall asleep. Had a conversation with Sripad on the state of world affairs, while the other two got ready for a walk around Candolim.

Goa (1)

So this is the much contemplated post on Goa. On our way back to Vasco de Gama train station, I wrote some notes in the cab. This was the trip that I had to remember, not because of the large, mad crazy things that we did (there were one or two things of that magnitude) but because these were memories that would be rehashed a hundred times and I didn't want to forget anything, not even the small details. I'm afraid though, that the attempt may have failed.

Day 1: 2o - 21 st March

21:00 The journey really started at Yeshwanthpur train station, where we boarded our train- The Vasco Express. It was a 14 hour train ride, San resolved that she would spend her time on the train by knocking herself out with our handy whisky coke mixture, to wake up to Goa. The rest of us chatted till we were rudely interrupted, albeit at 1 am by the Mister from the topmost cabin who advised us of the time and told us to get to bed. Our other cabin mate, was a military colonel who proved most useful the next day, at advising us, amongst other things: where to smoke, how to smoke, where the train would reach scenic points, and when the train would reach Madagaon, which was our drop off station. We kept ourselves company by taking more pictures, hanging off the train doors, chatting about the good old days and San.. slept.

13:00 We reach a very crowded Madagaon station, hurry to find a cab (and grab a quick smoke) and hired ourselves a pre paid taxi to go to Candolim (Rs 700). And on the ride, we sung our Goa songs, and I took pictures of the streets, and Sri Pad sat in the front (after being ostracrized for waking us all up at 7 am in the morning to see a water-less water fall, that only came to view at 10 am)- making a hearty little conversation with the driver, who weaved through traffic like it was irrelevant. Reached Candolim, found Casa Praia, which was much much more cozy that what we expected. I suspect we acted some what like cave dwellers, when we saw we'd gotten quite a bargain, with our sweet home: attic bedroom, air conditioning, pretty kitchenette, orange deck & a nice big bathroom. Anthony (our landlord for the stay), gave us a quick summary of taxi rates, cab rates, other residents, maid timings and left us.

15:00 Beach Bay- We ate the following, scrumptious food.

Bow: Chicken Peri Peri, Kings Beer (Goan Beer)

San: Fish Vindaloo, Kings

Sripad: Prawn Vindaloo, Kingfisher

Sabitha: Chicken Vindaloo, Kingfisher

I don't think I need to say how lovely that cold cold beer tasted, with the humid Goan heat. So we finished our lunch and hopped over to the Elephant Shop to get some more beer and stock up the fridge. We hired our Wagon-R from Anthony's friend, who sent the car over.

20:00 We showered, stocked up, car came home & got ready for a night out on the town.

19 March 2009

Where's the paaaarty yaar- NO F BAR, GO NYX

Day 5: So we woke up yesterday and cooked. So it was almost like Sunday, almost like the hostel, and almost like uni again. It really was the closest thing to it.

Sanjana made the chicken, Bow the potatoes & I made the sambar-dhal :)

Asra came over to pick us up for ladies night out at F bar, got dressed at her place. Brand new black dress got quite a run (thanks San), and off we went to the place. Not quite packed, so skipped over to Nyx (if that's how you spell the place). Had a long awaited Bollywood night (sigh) and danced to some good tunes and finally found out the name of the song I liked- KALA CHASMA!! (thanks Kamlesh). Came back home, determined not to pass out again.. but alas, survived for a couple of minutes and off to bed using poor fidelooo as the pillow. Should see the pictures, the SPCA might have a thing or two to say about it.

The girls got it on as always. I think I saw pics of San dancing with Fideloo.. (one lucky dog!), and Bow was the camera man of the night. We also had a KREATOR concert moment, but survived the night still. I think they slept later, post dinner. I woke up in between and ran off to find the girls talking away upstairs.

Day 6: Parents came home. Woohoooo! No more paying for food :) And may I add good food. Mum made for lunch: chicken chuka, drumstick sambar, ghee rice, papads, raita, rasam, cabbage kootu & ladies finger.

Ate like a cow & settled back in my room to sit and figure out accomodation.

Finalized a list between two, and the ladies had to take off to Bow's place for some packing. And hence I write this post alone today, with no creative inputs from the ladies. I hope San's keeping a track of the food she's having at Bow's place. If there's one thing that we've injested that beats the alcohol- it has to be the food.

So Goa calling, tommorow evening train. I need to go buy a pair of flats for the trip tommorow, since our dog bit the other one already. Pffft!

18 March 2009

Vhere's the paaaartay yaaaaaar?

Day 4/5: Went to Bow's place for breakfast and got the much required clothes.

For breakfast we had the following: thosa, onion-tomato chutney, potato varuval, lentil powder mix (with garlic), rice & rasam.

Sneaked in a couple of smokes, Bow & San freshened up. Split (for the first time) to go to commercial street, and me home to feed the dog.

Food @ commercials: Raj kachori, bhel puri, masala pepsi (2-San), Masal guava. Met up with Asra there & some MAC shopping.

Then to Indi Joe, for free ladies night drinks where we had the following drinks:

Bow: Melon coolers, 2 cosmos, long beach island tea
San: Long island ice tea, lynchberg lemonade, cosmo
Sabi: Capriosjkas, melon cooler
Asra: Strawberry declathon, melon coolers, mangotini
.............................................................accompanied by Mexican bean nachos.

Then headed out to X-treme sports bar for some karaoking. However due to a very happening and loud private party(where's the party yaar?), we were unable to tick it off the list.

More beer (kingfisher & fosters & tequila shots)- San, Sabi (fosters, teq shots), Bhav (breezer & teq shots), Asra (breezer).

We discovered we left our shopping at Indi's and then we told them to hold it. Got the auto & got the bags, and then tried to get Mc Dees (indian accent) but it was closed. Wanted to take pic at the fountain, but it was closed too. So san took a foot dip instead, walked around the place and got yet another auto.

Ordered dinner : Naan, chicken masala, ghee rice, lotsa lollypop chicken, raita- and mutton biryani (hemanth).

I need to stop writing now because I passed out after this point.
Sooooo at this point with one of our crew down..we recruited another one..fideluuu had a good playing session as San and I chased him around and tired him out...though we were quite the buzzed as the tequila was kickin in, we decided hey lets watch hell's kitchen in ***'s room!! when lo and behold after making ourselves verrrry comfortable we realised oooops the computer was in use...just that the user wasn't in the room! which by the way scared the shit out of us the previous day when we watchin lost on the flat screen computer and the mouse started moving around on its own...anyways we seemed to have interupted a chattin session which threw us off guard..and after several attempts to explain to the user that there was some yummmmy muttoon biryni waiting at home, we hastily vacated the room and thought of several ways to excuse our intrusion!! We finally gave up and decided that it was time to pass out...

*** refers to Hemanth, where applicable.
- Bhav

16 March 2009

Holiday: Update

Day 1: Dinner: Rasam rice, salad, chips(not for bow), cauliflower & potato veggie, beetroot curry

Day 2: Stayed awake from Friday. And kept talking and talking.

Breakfast: Thosa, potato varuval, onion chutney.

Then came back home from Bow's place, ordered lunch from Empire (Chicken kadai, ghee rice & kebabs) and had dinner with the parents, walked back home with ice cream, spent 24 (!!!) hours solely with Sanjana, and knocked off to bed. ASLEEP.

Dinner: String hoppers, chicken biryani, nannari juice (what ever that is), buttermilk

Day 3: Woke up, said bye to the parents. Ate mum's rava idli's, coconut chutney & tomato curry. Had some wine and chilled out at home and around 6pm went to Yelahanka to Green Park Dhaba to go see Bhav & Sripad. Had a lot of beer, rained, got wet & then had whisky.

San's favourite: Fish masala, Kashmiri Naan, Fish Tikka, Peanut masala & lemon chicken.

Bhav: lemon chicken, butter chicken masala

Sabi: Peanut masala, lemon chicken & chicken butter masala- really not all that bad.

Hemanth & friend came along... we got done at around 12 am, so no tuk tuks (autos) on the road available for us to take home. Whipped out phone to call the cab.. but why pay for transport when you get it for free... Sripad flagged down a car, which actually stopped (!!!), and we got driven home by two very kind souls. Got home, Fidel learnt how to go "down" that Sripad taught him. And then I dozed off, while the rest of the house talked then night away.

Day 3/4: San cooked eggs for breakfast, ate. Bhav woke up & had muskmellon dessert thing, then we ordered food (chicken, mutton & fish biryani, fish hara, chicken angara, alloo naan, chicken lollypop) & beer. Ate, had some beers & now watching LOST. San's asleep, Fidel's asleep and Bow's on the phone & I'm writing on the blog.

14 March 2009

Day 1

Sanjana: 58 hours

Sabitha: 42 hours

Bhavana: 33 hours

And still going...of no sleep.

13 March 2009


So waiting for Bow to finish her shower, quickly have dinner and running off to go get San from the airport!!

And have Wan tan mee for supper. Can't wait..go go char siew.

08 March 2009


On a winding road, amongst many acres of grass and in between two large forests, stood a quiet house, thirsting for some new paint for the fence and waiting to fill its empty walls with sounds of the living. The walls were cracked like dry summer lips, and moss peppered the beige walls like pepper on mushroom soup.

It wasn’t always empty, wasn’t always needy. It was once inhabited by a crowd of five and their dog only to be abandoned in haste one cold winter evening, with the approach of some corporeal men, holding machetes and fire sticks. The night air was unmoving, and failed to lift the scent of these men across to the family’s dog, so it was the light from the fire sticks that warned the family. What they had feared was nearing them, with increasing speed.

First the twins peeled their bed sheets off their bodies, and hurried to move the piano against the door. The noise alerted the grandparents who served as guardians for the house woke up, and with all the speed they could muster, they grabbed basic identification documents and their telephone book of contacts. Grand ma forgot to remove her teeth from the glass, but remembered to grab her most prized jewelry and hurriedly stuffed it into her bag. The eldest grandson did not stir from his position, though if he knew that this night were coming, he would have been able to give back to the family everything that he took from them.

When the parade passed by, earlier in the year through the town center, Horatio, like all the other boys, climbed up the painter’s ladder to get a better view of the performers. He wasn’t a very strong boy, most would call him frail and lacking much masculinity. What gained him the respect of those around him, his friends, was his quick wit and intelligence. He had on more than one occasion, pointed out wrong bill calculations at the neighborhood grocery store. That had saved the grocer, mountains of money, especially when Horatio intervened for the old man, when his supplier came down with hordes of goods. The larger the week’s supply, the more troubled the old man got with his calculations, and Horatio, taking pride in his intelligence always made it a point to be in the shop, when ever the supplier came round to sell the goods.

That year, there were a huge variety of performances. More fuss that what a town so small was used to: Jugglers, fire throwers, mimics, mimes, acrobats, clowns and many more had teamed together to put on a great show. There were rumours in the town that a band of gypsies had settled on the outskirts of the quiet green town, and it was in fact these people that had joined the parade. The town head claimed to not know who the new ones were, but because of the wonderful show that they put up that day, no one cared to know.

It was in this crowd, Horatio spotted a small but beautiful woman. She was silken, straight haired. The tips of her long tresses had been coloured a deep red, and it reached down to the curves of her hips. As she moved along, her hair bounced from one side to the other. She was carrying a small gas tank for the balloon the clown next to her was blowing into shapes, her hazel eyes scanning the crowd for something special, that she could use to remember the town by. And that was when Horatio’s eyes met hers, and that was how he met the lady who would make him go insane.

He met her again, the following week, when he was at the grocers, awaiting the arrival of the supplier. She was in the shop, whiling away time till the man who had accompanied her to the town, was done with his rounds of the town. They were cattle raisers, and once a week, she would come down to the town, accompanying this man, while he delivered the bottled milk to all the houses within the vicinity of the town. Every one who lived away from the town, had their own livestock, so there was no business else where for the fresh milk. This week she had chosen not to accompany the man to all the houses, as she had sensed that the boy that looked seventeen would come by the city square.

Horatio was there, he saw her coming through the front door of the shop, head stooped, her red winged hair in a braid. She wore a loose flower top, that fell at her chest, hiding what ever curves she had, and her skirt was a large fluffed patchwork quilt looking umbrella hanging down on her rather slim body. He gave a small whistle under his breath, he could not understand why she was so breathtakingly beautiful. His heart raced at the possibilities that might arise from this supposedly chance encounter. He yearned to see her face, hear her speak, touch her skin and maybe, just maybe, plant one on those candy pink lips.

What he did, in reality though, was spot the supplier's van pulling up on the front of the shop. He had his game face on, and spat out instructions and mentally crunched numbers in his head, paid the oaf some money from the till, that the old man gave out. By the time the transaction had been done, she had disappeared. And so, every week they met, where their expectations grew. Every meet was a seed, that was meant to father a field, instead these seeds suffered blight everyweek and died in their sorry sad soils.

And so this would've continued, but as most stories need more drama, this one has its fair share too. It happened a sunny, dusty afternoon. Our belle was getting off the truck that brought her into town. The man that she accompanied on the rounds was not a happy one, felt that his belle owed him more than she was giving him. He felt that she had found a lover, and imagined passionate interludes in the small alley way behind the grocers, where her red tints were crushed into a small ball, by a large, over powering masculine man. He had been sniffing at her hair awhile now, hoping to catch the scent that shed the sweat, he made himself believe her tresses bore. And when he smelt none, he went insane with jealousy: for while he was sure she was having an affair, it was what he didn't know about it that made him fierce.

And so he yelled out to the belle, commanding her not to get down from the truck and instead accompany him on his rounds. She turned around, and while Horatio watched from the screen windows of the grocers, she laughed a loud high pitched laugh. It sounded like a string of beads, falling off a broken chain on a metal surface, sliding off the edge onto cold marble. And while the belle wondered what had made her laugh with histeria, our man reached out to her mane, and got off the truck, pushing her back to make space for his exit.

He twisted her hair around her head, pulled her hair back and slammed it onto the side of the truck. No noise. There was nothing but magical silence, and yet a slow lazy crowd formed around the couple. Horatio did not move. He watched, while the man slammed the belle yet again onto the dented truck. He watched, as someone from the crowd, scooped the abuser's arms under the armpits and dragged him from the belle. When he tried to remember the event in the future, he knew it wasn't just one man that dragged the man. It was atleast three. And in the future, when he got to know the belle, and felt similar pangs of jealousy, he felt that he understood the abuser's language.


Bhav & Bow came over last night, to see me and Fidel. We had a good little chat following which Bhav disciplined the puppy, while Bow showered him some wholesome love. Between the two, I believe Fidel was having the time of his life. And he is such a wannabe crowd pleaser, showing off the obedient side of him (the one that I rarely get to see).

Besides that, things have been slow moving - like how someone slows the car down, when they reach their destination. One more week of work, and the rest of March is VACATION time. I'm so looking forward to it, don't think I've been off work for as long since, August 2007 when I went to Malaysia.

So what's on the cards for the two weeks?

  • Tour of Mysore (or some other place within Karnataka)

  • Goa

  • Showing Sanjana around, with the Bhav & Bow

  • Dad's coming down (YAY!)

  • Eat Wan Tan Mee (GOD BLESS)

  • Shopping :) :)

And I forgot to add, I wore a Sari at work on thursday in honor of Woman's Day (which is today). And thanks to some good tying (Priya is loved), it stayed on me the whole day (which is a record). Shall put up pics here or somewhere when I get my hands on them.

Diyana, did u ever ask me to buy Sari for you? I don't know why, but I suddenly thought of it. You want or not? I'll send you one.

06 March 2009


Mr X told was the one that told me of yesterday's Kajur name. So today, I was caught off guard when I found out that the 'someone' from yesterday had a really bad accident and Mr X wanted to know if I had something to do with it.

My only reply, I wish I had. Fortunately though *cough*, looks like our someone will be missing from work for awhile.

And did I say this? 2 weeks of leave approved! So Sanjana, we're ready to mingle!

04 March 2009

De-sensitizing Self: Says this Kajur

Ok. I found out today that there was someone at work calling me a Kajur. Which means a date. BUT we're not talking about those juicy ones, (atleast that's what I am told it translates to in hindi) but the dry, shriveled ones that have a slightly bitter taste.

As we may be able to guess, this 'someone' isn't fond of me. And while I take pride in the fact that the feeling's mutual, I have to say that some part of me is offended. So I wanted a quick word with this large anonymous crowd of readers that I trick myself into believing read my posts, to advise the following:

- Dates can be dehydrated, ground and mixed with grain to form a nutritious stockfeed. Dried dates are fed to camels, horses and dogs in the Sahara.

- Dates have a high tanin content and are used medicinally as a detersive (having cleansing power) and astringent in intestinal troubles. As an infusion, decoction, syrup, or paste, dates may be administered for sore throat, colds, bronchial catarrh, and taken to relieve fever and number of other complaints.

:) And by googling the word I found this cool site ;)

And so, Kajur may not be very juicy to look at, or soft to chew, but healthy & nutritious for your body. So call me Kajur then, I don't mind :)