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Goa (2nd Day)

Day 2: 21-22nd March

20:00 Drove by at the shop who's name we forgot to take down, got some Royal Stag for San and myself (atleast that what I think it was, I just realized I don't know what Bow bought). Sripad & Bow got themselves Mansion House. Got to Baga, where most of the night life is centered I am told. We parked the car, and spent probably the longest time people would spend in a parked car, drinking & chatting. We finally got out of the car, and took a walk along the streets of Baaga which were so beautifully lit by lights.

21:30 I'm not really sure anymore how we ended up in Lime Light, waitor was Ashley. Got some fish fingers, chips, yummy yummy chilly sauce & beers. Sat down to get some light dinner, and what have you on the tele, but the Man U vs Fullham game. Needless to say, the best of us needed the drink from the car after the end of that game, the beers were just not doing it anymore. I remember Sripad, doing his thing, struck a conversation wi…

Goa (1)

So this is the much contemplated post on Goa. On our way back to Vasco de Gama train station, I wrote some notes in the cab. This was the trip that I had to remember, not because of the large, mad crazy things that we did (there were one or two things of that magnitude) but because these were memories that would be rehashed a hundred times and I didn't want to forget anything, not even the small details. I'm afraid though, that the attempt may have failed. Day 1: 2o - 21 st March21:00 The journey really started at Yeshwanthpur train station, where we boarded our train- The Vasco Express. It was a 14 hour train ride, San resolved that she would spend her time on the train by knocking herself out with our handy whisky coke mixture, to wake up to Goa. The rest of us chatted till we were rudely interrupted, albeit at 1 am by the Mister from the topmost cabin who advised us of the time and told us to get to bed. Our other cabin mate, was a military colonel who proved most useful th…

Where's the paaaarty yaar- NO F BAR, GO NYX

Day 5: So we woke up yesterday and cooked. So it was almost like Sunday, almost like the hostel, and almost like uni again. It really was the closest thing to it.

Sanjana made the chicken, Bow the potatoes & I made the sambar-dhal :)

Asra came over to pick us up for ladies night out at F bar, got dressed at her place. Brand new black dress got quite a run (thanks San), and off we went to the place. Not quite packed, so skipped over to Nyx (if that's how you spell the place). Had a long awaited Bollywood night (sigh) and danced to some good tunes and finally found out the name of the song I liked- KALA CHASMA!! (thanks Kamlesh). Came back home, determined not to pass out again.. but alas, survived for a couple of minutes and off to bed using poor fidelooo as the pillow. Should see the pictures, the SPCA might have a thing or two to say about it.

The girls got it on as always. I think I saw pics of San dancing with Fideloo.. (one lucky dog!), and Bow was the camera man of the night…

Vhere's the paaaartay yaaaaaar?

Day 4/5: Went to Bow's place for breakfast and got the much required clothes.

For breakfast we had the following: thosa, onion-tomato chutney, potato varuval, lentil powder mix (with garlic), rice & rasam.

Sneaked in a couple of smokes, Bow & San freshened up. Split (for the first time) to go to commercial street, and me home to feed the dog.

Food @ commercials: Raj kachori, bhel puri, masala pepsi (2-San), Masal guava. Met up with Asra there & some MAC shopping.

Then to Indi Joe, for free ladies night drinks where we had the following drinks:

Bow: Melon coolers, 2 cosmos, long beach island tea
San: Long island ice tea, lynchberg lemonade, cosmo
Sabi: Capriosjkas, melon cooler
Asra: Strawberry declathon, melon coolers, mangotini
.............................................................accompanied by Mexican bean nachos.

Then headed out to X-treme sports bar for some karaoking. However due to a very happening and loud private party(where's the party yaar?), we were unable…

Holiday: Update

Day 1: Dinner: Rasam rice, salad, chips(not for bow), cauliflower & potato veggie, beetroot curry

Day 2: Stayed awake from Friday. And kept talking and talking.

Breakfast: Thosa, potato varuval, onion chutney.

Then came back home from Bow's place, ordered lunch from Empire (Chicken kadai, ghee rice & kebabs) and had dinner with the parents, walked back home with ice cream, spent 24 (!!!) hours solely with Sanjana, and knocked off to bed. ASLEEP.

Dinner: String hoppers, chicken biryani, nannari juice (what ever that is), buttermilk

Day 3: Woke up, said bye to the parents. Ate mum's rava idli's, coconut chutney & tomato curry. Had some wine and chilled out at home and around 6pm went to Yelahanka to Green Park Dhaba to go see Bhav & Sripad. Had a lot of beer, rained, got wet & then had whisky.

San's favourite: Fish masala, Kashmiri Naan, Fish Tikka, Peanut masala & lemon chicken.

Bhav: lemon chicken, butter chicken masala

Sabi: Peanut masala, lemon chicke…


So waiting for Bow to finish her shower, quickly have dinner and running off to go get San from the airport!!

And have Wan tan mee for supper. Can't wait..go go char siew.


On a winding road, amongst many acres of grass and in between two large forests, stood a quiet house, thirsting for some new paint for the fence and waiting to fill its empty walls with sounds of the living. The walls were cracked like dry summer lips, and moss peppered the beige walls like pepper on mushroom soup.

It wasn’t always empty, wasn’t always needy. It was once inhabited by a crowd of five and their dog only to be abandoned in haste one cold winter evening, with the approach of some corporeal men, holding machetes and fire sticks. The night air was unmoving, and failed to lift the scent of these men across to the family’s dog, so it was the light from the fire sticks that warned the family. What they had feared was nearing them, with increasing speed.

First the twins peeled their bed sheets off their bodies, and hurried to move the piano against the door. The noise alerted the grandparents who served as guardians for the house woke up, and with all the speed they could muster,…


Bhav & Bow came over last night, to see me and Fidel. We had a good little chat following which Bhav disciplined the puppy, while Bow showered him some wholesome love. Between the two, I believe Fidel was having the time of his life. And he is such a wannabe crowd pleaser, showing off the obedient side of him (the one that I rarely get to see).

Besides that, things have been slow moving - like how someone slows the car down, when they reach their destination. One more week of work, and the rest of March is VACATION time. I'm so looking forward to it, don't think I've been off work for as long since, August 2007 when I went to Malaysia.

So what's on the cards for the two weeks?

Tour of Mysore (or some other place within Karnataka)
Showing Sanjana around, with the Bhav & Bow
Dad's coming down (YAY!)
Eat Wan Tan Mee (GOD BLESS)
Shopping :) :)
And I forgot to add, I wore a Sari at work on thursday in honor of Woman's Day (which is today). And thanks to some goo…


Mr X told was the one that told me of yesterday's Kajur name. So today, I was caught off guard when I found out that the 'someone' from yesterday had a really bad accident and Mr X wanted to know if I had something to do with it.

My only reply, I wish I had. Fortunately though *cough*, looks like our someone will be missing from work for awhile.

And did I say this? 2 weeks of leave approved! So Sanjana, we're ready to mingle!

De-sensitizing Self: Says this Kajur

Ok. I found out today that there was someone at work calling me a Kajur. Which means a date. BUT we're not talking about those juicy ones, (atleast that's what I am told it translates to in hindi) but the dry, shriveled ones that have a slightly bitter taste.

As we may be able to guess, this 'someone' isn't fond of me. And while I take pride in the fact that the feeling's mutual, I have to say that some part of me is offended. So I wanted a quick word with this large anonymous crowd of readers that I trick myself into believing read my posts, to advise the following:

- Dates can be dehydrated, ground and mixed with grain to form a nutritious stockfeed. Dried dates are fed to camels, horses and dogs in the Sahara.

- Dates have a high tanin content and are used medicinally as a detersive (having cleansing power) and astringent in intestinal troubles. As an infusion, decoction, syrup, or paste, dates may be administered for sore throat, colds, bronchial catarrh, and…