29 December 2006

Friday Off

After such a looooong time, finally did a personality quiz.

41 TO 50 POINTS: Others see you as fresh, lively,charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting;someone who's constantly in the center of attention,but sufficiently well-balanced not to let it go to their head. They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding; someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out.

16 December 2006


Just finished Part A of Training... Discovered that the phrase, "Have you learnt up your times table?" is not grammatically correct. I did not know that... did my assesment yesterday, did well, so now onto Part B.

The part that I'm almost def not gonna be comfy with, esp with an Aussie teaching me banking processes... Reminds of the one time when Business Law was guest lectured (grammatically wrong sentence, but this IS MY blog), by an Aussie woman... Susan Yell.. and I slept through that one, and I remember Jane doin the same thing as well.... YAWN... bleh..

Apart frm tht, this weekend unlike the last one, I am determined will be boring. Esp since the nxt two weekends are gonna be X Mas n New Years... N tht means I will have to move my fat arse arnd more thn i normally do.

Last weekend was FUN... contracted diarhea (wrng spelling) frm a Dhaba, bt spent a whooping 6 hrs playin dumb charades, high... after being introduced to it at training. Then they kicked us out, the dhaba ppl... so took a long drive with Bhav n Bhav n Naveed, to my home. Picked up some more booze n well played more dumb charades till four.. slept at 6.. got to Asra's fr lunch, after spending another couple hours in the morning playing more dumb charades.. ha ha Naveed n I actually figured out The Khyber Pass... cz we have the art of sign posting the map down to our finger tips...

had awesome Biryani.. as always, met up with Arun, Adu n Kamlesh... played some more dumb charades after lunch... went to Brigades to shop for a white leather cricket ball (which is really ugly n hard), came home n went to bed. A white cricket ball, btw, is actually kindda creamish n can be used during day and night matches.

14 December 2006


07 December 2006

To be loved

Every now and then in life u meet someone who's special. You were not looking for this person, but well, they bumped into you anyway.

While you were not sad before they came along, they make you happy. And while you weren't lonely before they came along, they make you feel like you belong.

Little by little this person changes you- not because they want you to, because they love you as much for your flaws, as they love you for things in you that are right,

But because when u think of them, u think of all the things they do for you. And to you, and you want to match that. You want to be as good for them, as good as they are to you.

So you change, little by little. And as a result of this, you realize, that your happier than ever. He's added a bounce to your walk, a sparkle to your smile. Lights up your days and ur nights.

And when he leaves, its easy to loose it all. Why should you look happy, when ur not? Why should you still walk with a bounce?

And sink into depression, let the bad time sink in, and become mournful, despondent and all the other words that describe basic sadness.

Then you realize, that should he see you now, he would not recognize what he loved. And should you loose everything you gained when he was around, he'd become a footprint on the sand.

It would be as though he never was, and if u forget him, who will remember him? And if u forget him, how then will you know you were ever loved at all?


this is something that i read recently.. n liked it a lot.. think it should be here..

LUCK= PREPARATION + OPPORTUNITY (the monk who sold his ferrari: robin sharma)

i think that's dam right..

05 December 2006


Today, when i came back from work, i was walking up the stairs at home, to my room, and a cat came running from my room. Despite the numerous e-mail addresses i have and my so called "Cat" clan, i hate cats.

As a matter of fact the same Cat came into the house a couple of days ago, i was watchin tv in the living room, on the carpet and suddenly this Cat was looking at me n mioawing.. if thats how you spell the sound that cats make... and ofcourse i just stayed on the carpet and called my mother to chase away the Cat. And all it really took though, was me yelling. Don't know how it keeps getting into the house though...

Reminds me of wn i lived in Indah Villa, n went swimming in tht pool at night. This annoyin black Cat used to stand on the edge of the pool, co-incidentally under the frangipani tree, and miaow. Freaky Cat wld then walk me back to my appartment, n wn i tried to shoo it, it'd take a step back, ready to bolt, but just never disappear. N considering it was normally 2 am, its more than a little freaky.

I do not believe in ghosts, bt decided i know why most of us find Cats a bit freaky and inspire thoughts of the supernatural being oh so very natural...

It's cz they look right at our eyes.... dogs on the other hand, they mostly ignore us.. like kids, they look at us when they want entertainment or food.. or some petting.. but Cats, when they're threatened...they look right at our eyes.

"Do you dare eat me, human?"

Freaky Cats...