16 December 2006


Just finished Part A of Training... Discovered that the phrase, "Have you learnt up your times table?" is not grammatically correct. I did not know that... did my assesment yesterday, did well, so now onto Part B.

The part that I'm almost def not gonna be comfy with, esp with an Aussie teaching me banking processes... Reminds of the one time when Business Law was guest lectured (grammatically wrong sentence, but this IS MY blog), by an Aussie woman... Susan Yell.. and I slept through that one, and I remember Jane doin the same thing as well.... YAWN... bleh..

Apart frm tht, this weekend unlike the last one, I am determined will be boring. Esp since the nxt two weekends are gonna be X Mas n New Years... N tht means I will have to move my fat arse arnd more thn i normally do.

Last weekend was FUN... contracted diarhea (wrng spelling) frm a Dhaba, bt spent a whooping 6 hrs playin dumb charades, high... after being introduced to it at training. Then they kicked us out, the dhaba ppl... so took a long drive with Bhav n Bhav n Naveed, to my home. Picked up some more booze n well played more dumb charades till four.. slept at 6.. got to Asra's fr lunch, after spending another couple hours in the morning playing more dumb charades.. ha ha Naveed n I actually figured out The Khyber Pass... cz we have the art of sign posting the map down to our finger tips...

had awesome Biryani.. as always, met up with Arun, Adu n Kamlesh... played some more dumb charades after lunch... went to Brigades to shop for a white leather cricket ball (which is really ugly n hard), came home n went to bed. A white cricket ball, btw, is actually kindda creamish n can be used during day and night matches.

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