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I've now spent three years in this company. I'd think it's time to move on, just so I can say I've been around and have a profile of working with different companies and mindsets. But the thing about BPOs are that shifting around within one organization means that you never stay on one major account.

Or atleast I don't feel I have, its been a movement in job roles or lately, companies. And dealing with each of these companies, allows that experience of working with different minds and people and cultures, is almost equivalent to moving companies.

But, I say almost because I'm still in my first job, I haven't moved. Don't think I will for some more time and we'll see. But Happy Anniversary All!

A Monday well spent

The weekend was a difficult one. Had to say good bye to work friends, who ended up being closer than previously anticipated. It's been cold, rainy, windy & gloomy bangalore. A lot of people would be happy with the weather, I am too.

So after nearly two years of non action in the banking department, put a cake in the oven, and well, waiting to see if this one comes out better than the others that have been baked in the past. Roasted a chicken last weekend.. I'd like to say my culinary skills are blossoming, but unfortunately, I've been getting by with some luck. I mean, the chicken may not have been the best in the world, but it wasn't the worse either.

But the only element I can thank for this new inspired mood, would be the weather. The house smells like vanilla,I'm sitting warm in my sweater & feet in padded softee house slippers, about to read a book after this post. I might as well knit.. lol, I know this is what someone who may be younger would say.. con…

Legal Overhaul

The latest financial crisis to affect the world & the country en large has brough to focus some of the problems or areas that the country needs to focus on. One of these areas, is a much advertised word, Bankruptcy.

While India has imported the culture of borrowing & spending money that is not owned (through the purchase of loans and credit cards) and the latest Gen has moved forward to adpat to this new culture, the government has been slack to react to the protection that its consumers needs.

The move to decrease interest rates through the RBI, earlier this year, to promote vitilisation of the economy, advises the country that the government is aware of the fact that there are many who's pockets are not full.

The idea that invoking an archaic 'Insolvency Act of 1920' to seek relief from financial over comittment, making bad finiancial decisions is hardly comforting. What does it govern? The process of transferring properties to cover the debts that have been incurre…