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So she thought she would not touch the baby that was born to her, a female the second time too. When the first one came out she was unhappy, but thought that God would bless her, perhaps the second time round. And when this one came out, she asked her relatives if anyone was looking to take and raise a female child.

She did not feed her for over a month with her own breasts. She refused to see to her baby, refused to reply to the cries of hunger or abandonment. She was scheming, she knew she couldn't take another chance at having another child, another mouth to feed. She could only afford two she knew, and she failed. She signed her baby over to her closest female relative, an old lady, who was so blessed with two sons.

God has a funny way of blessing people, thought the old lady. She raised two boys, one who would run off with his wife to a different state, and another who would leave the village she raised them in, because his growing kids were not well situated. So she lived alon…


When the moon is up, and the water is calm. And moon beams bounce off the quiet ocean.
When all you hear are the voices in your head telling you to walk into the water.
When you are out in nature, what with the moon and all and everything is feminine.
Why would you want to, do the masculine thing, and end it all when the going gets tough?

Hot Indian Summers

Hot Indian summers get to your head. I don't know about everyone else, but I find it difficult to adjust to the brightness of summer here, especially when I step out of the office. My eyes hurt from the radiance of the sun, especially at high noon.

You get into the cab, with the dust filled air.. the heat's drained away all the moisture from the soil, winds of dry dust swept every where. I wear sun shades, god knows what else is flying in the air. I've heard horror stories of glass flying into people's eyes. And then I also imagine insect eggs and the sort flying in the wind with the dust cloud. That's just me imagining things though.

And then I get home, wash off all the dust in a quick shower. Wash my hands profusely with tons and tons of the dettol liquid handwash.. I don't know why, but I love washing my hands with it. I think I wash my hands more because I love it. Eat.

Run out into the garden, look at my plants. The fern's budding, and I have an amazingl…


"We condemn this decision by the Indian authorities to treat these peaceful Tibetan marchers as criminals," said a leader of Tibetan activists, Chime Youngdrung.

I agree.


i remember how he used to look at me.. like i was hidden treasurenow all i wonder all dayis whether he's found a new treasure?
when it really goes, there's no noise. just the hush of the one that gets left behind, and the rush of the one that's leaving.