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And so it is
Just like you said it would be
Life goes easy on me
Most of the time

And so it is
The shorter story
No love, no glory
No hero in her sky

And so it is
Just like you said it should be
We'll both forget the breeze
Most of the time



it's just hit me that i will be leavin in abt two/three days. It feels like a heavy stone dropped into the river. N i just cant sleep.

What will i miss? Everything. Nothing that i can begin to point my finger at, yet everything i can think of right now, I knw I will miss. Resisting the urge to just scream, because it's all just part of life, so might as well look forward to what's coming next.

But to my the three i swam with today, I will miss u. Jane n Tsun, I've really forgotten how it was when i was in India without the two of you. Or how it was when the two of you were in Aussie. I knw when u were in Aussie, it didn't quite feel like the two of you left. Maybe because Malaysia is just part of you two, and I was still here. Shit. Its hard to write more, I guess there isnt much to be said past Bye and take care huh. And KEEP IN TOUCH.

N Dd..ur sleepin on ur bed n i knw ur gona start either talkin or whimperin in ur sleep some time soon.. ha ha ha sleepy head. Once a…


Why is there another war in the middle east?

I've been told that the war in Lebanon is not going to take forever to end. Reasons given for this opinion range from the fact that it is an isolated war, that serves just the interests of Israel's permanent offensive against the Palestinian cause. Well self preservation is fine and dandy. But it isn't so isolated. Israel's main ally in this big old world, the US of A has dragged itself into yet another war in the region.

It's still fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq and now it can add Lebanon to the list. The stakes are apparently high, while Israel works to try and remove the terrorists that its neighbour is harbouring by destroying the nation, and the US nods its approval, keeping a wary eye on Iran. It has opposed the ceasefire proposal by countries within the region.

We know we have a problem, when the USA butts in. And we know we have a problem when the neighbours express their disapproval and they are ignored. If Afghani…


Swiss Wish No:1 - Understand.

The Swiss make wishes not hoping the wishes will come true, but knowing they will


The weather has been a cow, alternating from hazy polluted air to windy wind to rain cold, and bright old sunshine. Had an interesting outing yesterday, in Klang.

Behold the Doulos, the ship from Germany that's been all arnd the world with an inbuilt library at the Star Cruises docking area in Port Klang. The girls n I were having a ball of a time a) finding the place b) giving each other sea faring names- Bootleg One Eye Jane at the Crows Nest, Capatain Little Toe at the helm and Asst Captain Pimple. One Eye Jane handles Rum rations as well.

If getting there was an issue, so was containing excitement to getting on the ship, the sort only a non swimmer 'only once been in the ocean' person would feel. Here we have a GIANT ship, which wasn't so GIANT afterall, given the position of other stair thingies... that looks unsinkable, never mind the Titanic, and the e…

My Love

mmmmm .... love my baby! Just wanted to write that, i knw that this is a sad thing to write on one's blog.. but i dunno, must be all the olive.. :)


Just checked for my number in the grad list.. it was there, and I guess so this must really be happening. I am leaving, and I am leaving everything and everyone I know here. Doesn't sound too good, and neither does it make me feel any better. U knw that feeling before that roller coaster dips down, when ur balanced at the very tip of the coaster, I feel that now. And it doesn't feel any good, just butterflies on e in my tummy. I almost wish I knew more than four others who were graduating with me. Well all come and go, it's time to go :)

Wish i could say it with a real smile instead of a smiley smile :) :) :)

These songs are nice.. I'm gona put it here for those who like to download songs and can.. cz i can't so this is my what song i want to download next list area thing-

Amber by:311

take me away from the norm
I got to tell you something
this phenomenon
I had to put it in a song
and it goes like

Whoa, amber is the color of your energy
whoa, shades of gold dis…

The Hostel

Good Job Italy!

Ok that's old news however, it's never to late to celebrate. And apart from that I realized that there are some things about the hostel that I have never questioned, just recently noticed

we have our maids who come in and clean our appartment. When and where do they come from? I've never seen them come, never seen them go and they certainly don't stay in the hostel. Do they take a van or a bus? And howcome I never have seen them come and go.. this question is buggin, albeit only having too much time at hand would ever make me question right now, there is only one working pay phone in the whole hostel and this has been the case since May. Howcome no one is there to fix it? What do those people who need to use the payphone do? Does the management really not care?I was cooking in the kitchen the other day and heard the door open with three people in the house. Two maids, one male and the other female, and a man. I looked at him while he feasted his…


It's normal to feel nervous before a big game, and tonight or rather this morning's game is frigging uncertain. Fine, the pessimistic person that I am, inside I knw, almost as gut instinct that tonight will probably be Italy's last game. But in the spirit of being and staying optimistic, I'm going to say no VIVA ITALIA if not for anything else, then for well, the glory of playing a game everyone plays one way, different.

And for that I will wish the lads GOOD LUCK! and please make us proud, even if loosing is not to be thought of, let loosing be a hard lost battle, not one given away with ease and complacency.


On a different note, closed the taxi door on my nose today. It hurt like hell, made the cab driver smile (my pleasure to make u smile, u sadistic oaf ass) and well bled a bit. And for a while there i did not worry about anything but loosing the ability to smell. I don't think I ever realized how precious my nose is to me,

I may be blind (meaning i do not obse…