28 July 2006


it's just hit me that i will be leavin in abt two/three days. It feels like a heavy stone dropped into the river. N i just cant sleep.

What will i miss? Everything. Nothing that i can begin to point my finger at, yet everything i can think of right now, I knw I will miss. Resisting the urge to just scream, because it's all just part of life, so might as well look forward to what's coming next.

But to my the three i swam with today, I will miss u. Jane n Tsun, I've really forgotten how it was when i was in India without the two of you. Or how it was when the two of you were in Aussie. I knw when u were in Aussie, it didn't quite feel like the two of you left. Maybe because Malaysia is just part of you two, and I was still here. Shit. Its hard to write more, I guess there isnt much to be said past Bye and take care huh. And KEEP IN TOUCH.

N Dd..ur sleepin on ur bed n i knw ur gona start either talkin or whimperin in ur sleep some time soon.. ha ha ha sleepy head. Once again, there isn't much to say past thank you, n take care n bye n keep in touch.

I thought of making a little dedi list, bt it wld be too long i'm afraid. So to keep it short n simple, BYE SUNWAY N EVERY ONE 1 MET HERE! That covers most of everything. :)

miss me.


dD.Diyana said...

what the?
what's this?
a goodbye thingy already?
not fair.
mine is wayyyyyy emotional than yours.
wish i can be more like u.


isnam said...

Cant believe I am graduating either! I guess, the time for goodbye everyone ive met in Aussie and well Sunway is gonna come sooon. Its so hard leaving. You'd know, you saw me when I left :) But at least, we can take some comfort in the fact that we are gonna meet again - just a matter of time. :)