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OOOoweeee.... ha ha ha ha

Well... after a rather stressfull vacation- in brief... wonderful pangkor, amazing sunset seen as that was when we reached the location, entered the sea the first time in my life, confident with my paltry back strokes, stroked my way into an area of the sea where the sea bottom was more than 5 feet below... till Sujan , Bhav and Jane rescued me at various intervals... atleast i knw that i can sorta swim albeit swim my way into trouble in the ocean~

I never knew that sea water was as salty as that... i seriously didn't knw having never actually been completely in sea water... started drizzling and i understood why all those sailors died of thirst.. anyways...following a dinner and various attempts to open the DAMNED WINE AND CHARDONNAY (which by the way looked abs fantastic in a wonderfully GRRRRREEEEEENNNNN bottle)... and finally getting the bottles open and settling in on the beach... Fellow aussie exchange student...Daniel comes along to tell us that ther…


Apparently one can buy landsites from the moon. How cool is that, and according to an article in asian age, it's as cheap as Rs.1500 per acre. The website that one could use to buy the land is called:
We can be citizens, of Luna which gives us the following rights as citizens of
Luna- Participation in elections to determine the future of Luna
Two-year subscription to THE LUNAR JOURNAL, the official newsmagazine of the Lunar Republic Society
Participation in the international effort toward the privatised exploration of the Moon
Discounts on property purchases from The Lunar Registry
Acess to members-only sections of
Invitations to future members-only events

All at only $16.00 (US$) fee per applicant for your two-year membership

Letter to Bedroom Eyes

Jane just got up frm her bed, to write and i just opened this page.
Today was fun! Assignment number 1 passed up on time! Good start to a good year right. Jane's allready done...takes me a looong ass time to actually write ne thing...looks like we goin to pangkor afterall...made a promise to someone that i wouldn't go there without them...i'm sorry i will have to break it...for what its worth, it's been a year... is it safe to say my promises come with a due date of a year... and i mean it when i say sorry. and i mean it when i say tht it can't be helped.

But/so apart frm i also rediscovered something. That sometimes u never forget, never ever forget the way it felt the first time. I hold u close to my heart, and i hope that u will get to read this someday, when we are the way we used to be. This goes out to u,i'll tell u when it is time who u are.

Ur never out of my life. I don't understand why. I dunno what to do to get u out. I can say that pe…

If u want to go, please come back

Carcasses... ugh... i'm gettin so sick of the negativity potrayed on the page... that i thought i should brighten it up with some GREEEEEN! But alas... it doesn't work that way coz the first word that i could think of writing in here was CARCASSES... for the record..that's what i think we all are...carcasses of what we were... because at sometime all that we believe in is eroded... one by one as we 'grow up'... Roland Barthes "urban myths" are each unfolded, to make us into the adults that we have always dreamed of being. Soon enuff, there's a part of me that's gonna leave, she suggests that perhaps she will never come again... and there isnt ne thing in this world that i can do to make her stay... because as the counsellor at Monash says, "You can't ever make someone do what they don't want to do."
Everything is within... everything that a person is is what they either consciously or sub-consciously desire...

I met u when i was so…

Deconstructing the Love of My Life

How could an angel break my heart?
Why didn't he catch my falling star.
I wish i wish i didnt wish so hard.
-Tony Braxton

Maybe i 'should' wish my love apart.

I need to ask, do angels exist? I knw that whatever the answer mite be, i could never believe that. To remember, when it was the first time i fell in love- I hate to get into history, it does make me sound sooo old, but i have lived so i do have stories to tell...
I couldn't believe that this was the person, the one person in the world that was made for me.

God, life or the 'whatever' force had shaped him to fit the empty spaces that life's craters had flung into the person i had become. Much like the he was made size to fit. I was his. HE WAS MINE.

And that was never ever goin to change. We may or may not last, he may or may not be an angel, may or may not hurt me but we will always be 'we&#…

Fish in the Net

I feel claustrophobic. I have this urge not to see anyone at this moment. I wanna hide, retreat to my shell. It's a problem when u have ur privacy infringed upon by random jackasses who think they knw u...and it's a problem when u let them jackasses think they knw u. It's like weaving a web that u eventually get stuck in and blaming the spider for constructing it....u are the same that's stupid enuff to get caught in ur own web....

A penny for ur thoughts miss.
For all the pennies that u give me sir, u might as well write me a check coz my mind is going haywire and crazy because i do not knw where or what i am heading for. My thoughts are fragmented, i cannot write a single coherent sentence...

Under the Bridge

Sometimes I feel
Like I don't have a partner
Sometimes I feel
Like my only friend
Is the city I live in
The city of angels
Lonely as I am
Together we cry

I drive on her streets
'Cause she's my companion
I walk through her hills
'Cause she knows who…

U say the right things, but hey do u mean it....

"and hey..i REALLY missed you alot, but thats for me to know, and for you to never find out..."

But i'm too busy to mail u........

If life is supposed to be bitter sweet...

"You are the most amazing person, the nicest and the sweetest...but i can't be in this."

"You knw what the hard part of recognizing the truth? - Knowing that something just bit you on the ass."

Tom Clancy

John Milton: Paradise Lost

To do ought good never will be our task,
But ever to do ill our sole delight, [ 160 ]
As being the contrary to his high will
Whom we resist. If then his Providence
Out of our evil seek to bring forth good,
Our labour must be to pervert that end,
And out of good still to find means of evil; [ 165 ]


Whoah....intimidation is something that's very very worrisome... just taken a blog tour..shanil i just thought i should write this in here before i forget... ur prb the only one of us living it right now man.. living the way life is meant to be lived...hats off to u...

but ofourse u won't knw this till i give u my address..and well that depends on when i can actually remember my address...should be soon enuff..
Argh- i feel so low right now.

Memories are sticky, heavy and refuse to leave. The overcrowd your mind, refuse to let u think with that thread of rationality, normalcy. Sometimes they weigh u down, keep u there, so much so that u fear not being able to get up.

I wanna cry now, so bad but i knw i shouldn't. Tears comes easy to those who give up easy right? That's what they say right... well i do give up! And when i say i give up, i give up on 'making sense&#…