24 April 2013

An evening in Agrara

I found myself a piece of hidden land this evening, away from the ring road, where one couldn't hear traffic.

Instead there was the desolate noise of the solitary hammer for a home being built.

And yet this home already belonged to little chirpy birds, hovering eagles with their stark cries.

All reaching a feverish pitch as the night crawlers meet their fellow day breakers, in a rushed fluttery of activity.

Who said this land isn't already a home, to so much more than just you and me. And who ever said peaceful nature only meant that which is already dead.

It is not so, amongst the swaying trees, the movement of open air, from the growth of the smallest blade of grass, to the firmness of sun dried mud, it can be felt all of it. And you know, this too I'd already your home.

And that hammer is the sirens cry, of those that come to destroy.

19 April 2013

Tres Semme- J'taime!

I got my sample, and I have to admit it was a bit of a surprise because I'd forgotten I'd applied! But, I'd seen the bottles in the shops and distant memory told me that I remember it to be a brand that was well known outside our country and well had apparently made its entry into the Indian market.

First things first, the smell of the shampoo is beautiful. It resonates the whole day, and you hair smells light and flowery- the whole day out. Yes, even in this summer heat, with sweat & the air conditioner.

When I tried the shampoo- it already smoothened my hair to the extent that it had turned silky and smooth. With the conditioner, it then turned heavier, in a way that I suppose only this product can- heavy but not by reducing the volume of hair.

I have frizzy hair but also have a lesser volume of hair. Most other products, work the frizz but flatten my hair. To the point where I honestly feel like there's nothing on, but this product somehow manages to add volume..

I suppose this could be because the conditioner feeds your hair, in a such a way as to make it stronger, more relaxed as opposed to other products that might just work on the frizz, with no regard to the health of your strand of hair. 

I'd like to relate to it as being similar to when you apply coconut oil/almond to your hair and then wash it off, properly. Imagine that, but without the fear of not washing all of the oil and a more pleasant fragrance.

It proved itself in application, but now I needed it to prove its worth in duration.

I straighten my hair using a hair iron: and it took barely a minute. Almost one fifth of the time it usually takes.

Then I went to work, walked over to our office to have wind mess it up a bit. Usually, this calls for a trip to the bathroom to re-set my hair, but when I got there, it was mostly in place, despite the fact that it had been rushed about a bit by the wind. I saved the comb a trip, and instead ran my finger through my hair, and it was done.

By the end of a long day, I got home, forgetting to review my product, but I didn't have to.... Given when I got home and looked at myself, it was as it was in the morning. Almost twelve hours later.

That's done then. This product isn't kidding when it says anti- frizz! For more illustrious ramp styles