24 February 2012

Cob Loaf!

I first had a taste of this when I was watching Cricket at the Adelaide Oval. One of our office colleagues had brought it over, and given it was summer, we'd had something of a picnic at the stadium.

It definitely is not for the calorie conscious, but would classify as comfort food for sure! I remember not watching cricket, but enjoying this more-ish dish, to such an extent that I got the recipe off her, and attempted making it and have made it at least 4 times the last year. The only problem is, I haven't found a cob loaf in Bangalore.

I tried using the neighborhood bun, too soft, too small.
I tried using sour dough, from breadworks, too hard.
So today I tried using a multi grain loaf, that also strays from the traditional round shaped cob loaf..

Here's a recipe close enough to the one that my friend gave me..

Changes made

1. I used frozen American Sweet Corn instead of canned corn kernels.
2. I couldn't find the usual Milk Maid fresh cream (that has the taste of sour cream- so I used the standard Amul Fresh Cream.. it does, unfortunately, make it slightly taste deficient)
3. I replaced the shallots with parsely, as believe it or not, I actually had one and not the other. I wouldn't use shallots still, probably replace it with spring onions...
4. I also fried the corn and bacon in butter, after having the bacon crispen over the stove.
5. Added oregano and a wee bit of chilli flakes to spice it up a little bit :)

Chironji, Pumpkin Seeds & Bannana Bread

Chironji seeds(to the left) were a discovery while shopping at MK Retail. Again, remnants in the fridge of the vegan days, when I went out and bought this wealth of grains that I unfortunately never got to use, till now. Almond flavored and soft, I can see them being used to mughal sauces just like the famed badam. Given my general disdain for Mughal food, I have yet to verify this theory.. though I did try something else with them.. which was to roast them and add them to a standard recipe for bananna bread.

The bread itself was dry.. I have to try replacing the carrot in the carrot cake recipe with Bannana and see how that goes.. but till then.. here's the recipe.. ps. do not fault the recipe for my disaster.. it's all explained in the hopefully soon to come, measurement post. So don't stop yourself from trying this recipe, because the taste was wonderful. The only thing missing, was the texture.. again, turned out a bit on the dry side of business.

How did the Chironji perform? It seemed to integrate itself into the cake, sensed only when you bit into the cake and instead of ultra soft smoothness, you encounter a soft bite that gives you a faint nutty flavour. The pumpkin seeds however, turned out the crunch factor in the cake. And yes, that is also the change in the recipe :)

Grocery List

3 Ripe Bannanas
1/3 cup melted butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg beaten
1tsp vanilla
1tsp baking soda
1 pinch salt
1.5 cups flour

To Prepare

1. Preheat oven to 330F
2. Add butter and mashed bannana to a beater and mix well till creamed. Mix in sugar, vanilla and egg.
3. Sprinkle in baking sodar and salt.
4. Add flour at last and mix well. Fold in roasted nuts (if using at this point- measurement: as desired by you)
5. Bake for 50 mins or till toothpick test, shows cake is cooked!

Butter Prawns II

So late last month, there was another recipe for Butter Prawns that had to be tried out and I did.. and whoooopah! Another awesome success and recipe. I can't believe how easy it is to make, and well, it was the perfect potluck dish as well. All in all, assuming you get the prawns de-veined at the store, it shouldn't take you longer than 30 mins to make.. prep time might push it to 45 mins at the maximum for 1 kg of prawns. And it's definitely a crowd pleaser!


Changes Made

1. Shaoxing Wine- replaced it with a teaspoon of apple vinegar.

2. If you're using Indian standard green chillies, recommended that you put in as many chillies as you want, taking into account the little bit of sugar in the recipe as well, to get a hit of the hotness. Following the recipes recommended Chili quantities using the Indian ones won't make it hot, but will give it some chili flavour.

3. As you can see in the picture, I used the standard shelled prawns. Mainly because I'm not too confident of frying the prawns the right amount to ensure that the shells are edible as well. Just make sure that you fry the prawns no more than it takes them to turn orange. Do keep in mind that they will continue cooking until they cool down. I hate rubbery prawns, if you like it, then sure, leave it on for longer :P

Carrot Cake

This was the best, according to me, cake that I think I've ever made. The recipe & video is easy to follow. I have to admit, I wasnt as interested in the icing as I was in the actual cake.
Changes Made
1. Added roasted pumpkin seeds and walnuts- roasted them as well!

And that's all the change I did.. And it turned out awesome. Trust me, this one you HAVE to try, and if I can bake, so can you!

Rich Chocolate Coffee Cake

It was one of those weekends again, eggs in the fridge, bottle of essence lay untouched for a while.. and I thought, well maybe it's time to attempt a cake. Now this was a few weeks ago.. before I made an awesome discovery.. but that will have a post on it's own.. titled, the most amazing baking thing to ever ever happen to me.. but for now, the star of this post.
As always..recipe is found here:

Changes made
1. Since I only had baking powder at home, I used 3 teaspoons of baking powder.
2. Replaced brewed coffee with instant coffee of my favorite kind- Colombian Coffee from Bru. Remember to not add milk, and you're alright.
3. Had some pumpkin seeds from the time I turned vegan, so I sprinkled some over the top after toasting it for 3 mins in a hot conventional oven. Ofcourse you could just do this over the stove in a heavy bottomed pan..
The cake turned out delicious but a little dry.. the secret to making it as awesome as the recipe intended would have to be the next post.. the one on measurements... (I found the baking holy grail!!).

So to fix it I creamed Amul Cream, some vanilla essence, icing sugar and dark rum to make something that tasted similar to Baileys Irish Cream. The measurements, in all honesty, are as you please.. so feel free to experiment. Froze it and topped it on the coffee/chocolate cake :) and it made smiles happen :)