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I know how it went like in your head. She gave it to me, I know.

And I bet that did its fair share of tumbles and turns in your head.

No, in a time of universal deceit , telling the truth is a revolutionary act. *

And in all things there are three choices: Yes, No and no choice, except in this. I choose the truth or I am deceit. **

I am deceit. You pick truth.

When you pick at it, reading between the lines, investigating each word that I say for its vowels and verbs. You loose me.

Slowly but steadily your'e loosing me. But you will never know that.

I am deciet and you picked truth.

I will do as I am, and tell you nothing. Nothing is easier than self deceit, for what each man believes, that he also believes to be true.***

I pick deceit and you are the truth.

I picked easy and you picked hard.

I pick ignorance and you pick knowledge.

I picked you, and you picked someone else.
it's been an erratic bunch of weeks, pile high in garbage and fleeting sentimentalities. u only ever get angry when you feel unjustified, and then you get even more angry when u think ur doing a grave miservice: they don't owe u anything.

They don't owe it to you, to make u happy.

They don't owe it to you, to be decent.

They don't owe it to you to like you back.

They don't owe it to you to keep in touch.

They don't owe it to you to remember your birthday.

They don't owe it to you to listen to you.

Most importantly though, they don't think like you do. They will not see the world the way you do. In being unique you are doomed to be as lonely as a snowcone in the dessert. With the heat of everyday melting you a little bit every day, shedding light on all ur inner most fears and loathings... you realize the only one you ever really have in this big blue ball of a planet is yourself. And if you don't like yourself... well, too bad.