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On a day like this.

Fidel swallowed a yarn of thread today. I found a piece of string hanging from the side of his mouth and I pulled at it. The more i pulled, the more came out. I panicked, and gave it a good yank and out comes the yarn. Little doggie then vomitted, and I found myself poking through his vomit to see if maybe there was some blood in it. I panicked some more at the thought of me having cut his throat or some other part of his precious body with the yank.

I just got home to find him napping after dinner. My mother tells me he pooped out thread as well. So i scooped him up while he was napping and put him on my lap, that he crawled into and continued sleeping on. I cried a little, because while two weeks is a short time to fall in love with something, I know I have already falled in love with this crazy obsession called Fidel.

Two short weeks, and a lifetime in between and with all the lingual differences, I hope he knows that too. Precious doggie boy.


and i look out the window into the computer screento see you face frozen in a picture and i turn to ask my mother, mummy, how much is that doggie by the window?