13 October 2014

The World as Round as an Indian Murukku!

What is the world when not Indian? In order to truly know and feel the value of spice, you only need to remove spice from the dishes you make. Like Gulab Jamun without the flavour of cardamom, a world without the Indians in them,  would fall flat .. that's what I think anyways.

Because I've noticed that on television, these days beautiful brown populates names like Raj or Neeta more on shows. From New Girl's Cece to The Blacklist's Meera Malik, the fascination with Indian beauty has transcended beauty queens & Bollywood of the 90s to the internet, tv, cinema.

But why? Why would football mini legends like the handsome Alessandro Del Piero come to India to play football. Have the days of the Indian football fan travelling to Italy, gone so far behind. Or are they becoming more at home, at home.

Like friends say Mc Donald's menu features so many more vegetarian items when retailing in our cities, and how about the grand Maharaja burger. I carried one over with me to a foreign client who'd had it and craved it.

And as if food, football and films is not enough, we're there. Where? In space too. And yes, the story's changed. The Mallu did not set up a tea shop on the moon, everyone, the tea shop was set up much much further into space.

We both know a friend or two importing organic cotton to Europe and more than that, lately our wines hitting the provinces of Sicily. How about our beer then? Have you been to Singapore to see our kingfisher bottles over looking the bay?

I could say  more, but you and I both know, as henna and bright shades of orange and gold replace the plain whites on the hands and bodies of the brides world over, that we're slowly inching all over. New York fashion week features a few names, while our cosmetics don the shelves in Paris.

Yes it is becoming more Indian, more so that every before. Travel the world to see the encore with Lufthansa TVC . 

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