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Malaysian Evenings

It's been a long long long week... already! But the evenings have been different. Yesterday was Plan B on Castle Street... the reviews are good.. (vegan me munched on animal fat tasting potato wedges sans sour onion cream dip).. today was a bit of commercial street, stand up comedy at Urban Solace in Ulsoor (I keep thinking Urban Escape) followed by a quick tete a tete(uber brief) with some live music at Rewind in Kamanahalli.

BUT.. that doesn't explain the title.. Losh's in Bangalore. It's nice to have a bit of home at home. The landscape's improved, with the conversations & the memories. But the best bit of it all, has to be the one where we're making new ones.

All smiles.. no really, all smiles!


I don't want to fight with you anymore, but love you
I don't ever want to hit you, but make love to you
I don't ever want to swear at you but call you my baby
I love you. So much.

It has been too long!

The long awaited Amitav Ghosh book is out!! River of Smoke.. the sequel to Sea of Poppies.. pity the books priced at a heavenly 700 bucks at crosswords. I'm going to wait till the paper back version gets released.. anyone else love the first one? Pray tell.