30 March 2007

Conversations with Self


Happy Birthday JANEY!!!!!!

So many birthdays this month...

I'm tired as hell

(now cross fingers and hope our darling remembers her user name)

I want vacation on Easter break

I want Devbagh

Are u ppl listening???

I want shopping

I will not crib

Yea, what's the story ppl???

Hey any one wanna guest write on my blog.. annonymity will be granted... lemme knw..

It's hot in Bangalore.. and it's not even proper summer yet.. and there are no mangoes yet, there is no water.. there is no electricity...

I'm working this weekend... n the nxt week till the easter break... cut short one day by Saturday

I want the beach. Fresh NON-DUSTY air



Now that all that's out... The Indian cricket team's been at the butt end of most jokes in this country... sad to say.. for when they left they were heroes.. who when they came back were well.. zeroes...

It's sad actually. What's sadder though is that the National Sudoku Championship.. and any story pertaining to the Indians participating in it, comes under the sport section of the damned news paper.. I want to write in.. asking them why Sudoku or rather when Sudoku became a sport??!!!


Personally... on the personal front.. There's an upcoming office party... at a some place I keep forgetting... it's a first.... cross fingers


Confession: I got three kids to clean out the back garden/yard... two were 9 n the third one that kindda watched n tried to help bt wasn't allowed to.. was 5... Is that child labour? They asked for work.. and well I gave them something to do that had to be done but no one at home wanted to do... and paid them with some money n food..

Repeat: Is that child labour?

Cz if it is... I want to know, baby sitting kids.. is that considered child labour when it's a ten year old that does it?

So what of the babysitters club? How about walking dogs?

19 March 2007

Bye Bye Bob Woolmer

I don't know Bob Woolmer. Yellow teeth n silver hair, red skin from the Pakistani Sun... But when I got to work, more people seemed to be concerned about the fact that he'd died, than the match that India had played with Bangladesh. That was a topic, I believe anyways, that a lot of us have buried. No one wants to talk of bad things.

I wonder how the Pakistani team feel... Having exited the cup, and the loosing their coach. Was he someone they respected? I mean, it's one thing to say he was, to the media.. and another thing to actually think it, and feel it. How did he feel, with the early exit of his team?

Were Greg Chapell to die, what would we in India say? He's not exactly loved here, most Indians view the man with much animosity.. I don't know why. Maybe cause he says it like it is. Maybe its cz he's fond of experimenting, often to the detriment of the team. Sometimes to reveal hidden talent. Like Shantakumaran Sreesnath I believe.

So India will go in today to regain fallen pride, display (hopefully) learnt lessons, and with a heart set to not only win, but to win by a big ass margin. What happens if they loose to Bermuda.. I don't know. God help them if they do.

18 March 2007

OK.. so i only just got to see that India lost to Bangladesh... which is pretty damned surprising.. I'm sure that when i get to work tonight.. I'm never going to hear the end of how we lost to Bangladesh... and not to mention all the long faces that everyone's going to have.

I'm gonna stick to team India... cz i wouldn't even watch cricket if we weren't playing it.. and I'm gonna say GO INDIA!


Welcome Iron Maiden to Bangalore...

And our boys on the Caribbean Crusade... ALL THE LUCK TO YOU!!!!!!!!!


11 March 2007


talking to the Canadians... cold beer in the morning... thats a life.

Farhaad n Emma n Beer... You don't know what you've missed till you get it again. And realize it fills up the little empty pockets in life. Not all, but some of them.

Works been ultra stressfull. Just grande stressfull. It would be hard to even begin to point out where it started or how it's become such a nightmare.. but it has, and I must say the thought of quitting's been running through my head constantly.

But tell me, don't all sucessfull ppl say that they've been through shit, through hell n back to go where they are? And do I want to be sucessfull, hell yeah!

And there have been silver linnings. little buffers that are softening the blows of work. N i thank all of them, the ppl that I go to work here... they're all just about as resilient n able n strongheaded as I am.... or maybe even more.. N u knw, cheers to tht!


09 March 2007


You know what you want to do when your in love..... climb way on top of the tallest roof of the biggest building and tell the whole world, as far as u can see, as far as they can hear that you're in love. And then u go looking for the microphone to try n get to the millions of ppl who haven't heard you, so you can tell them too.



Guess what? U were right all along. I am juvenille. So what? Bloody sue me.

07 March 2007


Lately, there have been some things that I've started realizing.

Bangalore is a beautiful city. And I mean mostly old Bangalore, the inner city.. not the new sprawling city. I was taking a bus ride yesterday to meet Asra's betrothed... through the city, in the evening, just as the sun was setting and I realized how much of the city I seem to have internalized without even realizing that I have. So now I wonder-

- if maybe I love plants so much, cz of all the parks that line my city. I never realized that the park on MG Road was so pretty, till yesterday from the Auto, and the yellow lamp lights cast its glow over the flowers that had been rooted in cirlces around a figurine of Gandhi statue. Not to mention the setting sun, and the collective sigh of millions of people as the days' heat showed signs of dissipating. And the stretch of road frm Queens to MG Road... I've never seen all the trees dotting the area... and I wonder.. (and if anyone who's reading this knows, tell me please), is there another park in there? And let's not even mention Lal Bagh Gardens.. and Coles Park and all the other smaller parks that line the city. They are beautiful.

- and i realized that the whole city is quaint. We have beautiful houses that speak stories of the rich n well to do from the early part of the last century. Huge mansions, some still well taken care off and others sprouting weeds all over them ( I imagine the houses are sitting there, cz the children that grew up there are fighting a court battle, trying to figure out who owns how much). And these mansions are just so beautiful, with winding stair cases, n windows not only barred, but also with little awnings protecting the house frm the sun n the rain. Areas like Fraser Town, Cunningham Road and Queens Road are a beautiful example of these houses. Buildings like the Gangarams Buiding, Higgin Bothams... that whole stretch.. I mean, that building or line of buildings have been there since the Britts were around. And its amazing how well the newer shops have integrated into their own buildin. N i wanna go to that coffee shop on that stretch too..

-Bamboo Bazaar on the other hand, seems to show the other side of the city, with houses so small, depicting the life of the not so well to do. Its a very beautiful place too. Bamboo Bazaar, I'm guessing gets its name because of all the furniture shops there in the vicinity. Some of the shops work with iron, where melders meld out chair supporters, some work with wood, carving out doors n dividers while others work with bamboo. And the fascinating thing abt the whole place that it's very easy to tell which shop works on windows of what material. Cz essentially these shops are small rooms.. and all around the room and stretchin into the street are the tools of their trade. The door shop will have a hundred different types of doors stacked one on top of another vertically.. so on ur way to see the shop keeper who works in a small room surrounded by, essentially his purpose. The shops that work with bamboo.. have metres high bamboo sticks stacked up one on another.. till there are hundreds of tall strong bamboo stalks stretching out. It's amazing.. a bamboo forest in the midle of the city

- And someone asked me the other day why i came back to Bangalore. I gave them the story of how I had to come back to India. And then they clarified and asked again, why Bangalore? Why not Chennai, or Hydrebad or Jaipur or Delhi or Pune or Mumbai? And the first thing that popped out of my mouth, which surprised me as well, was that there isn't any other city in India that I would like to live in. Where I'd be comfortable getting lost, cz eventually I would know the way. Where I can take busses late, and know that should anything happen, there's a relative right arnd the corner in whom I can rely on for help. As Bhav sys, I have a relatve in every corner of Bangalore.

LASTLY: TOMMOROW IS WOMAN'S DAY. HAPPY WOMAN'S DAY LADIES... I actually have a lot to say abt women and India... mostly abt hw we get to pay lesser tax than the women, abt how men have to give us seats in busses, n hw in courts, esp family courts n in police stations, a woman's word is a lot stronger than a mans'.

N hw this respect is extended half heartedly cz at the same time, much of the male populace continues staring, groping, feeling, n touching women on the roads, in temples, in clubs, in busses. But I won't. Cz it's nothing new, So CHEERS to all!

05 March 2007

The Bills and The News

It's been a busy little week.. busier than normal standards... And I've realized, that the monthly bliss experienced on the 1st of every mth, is shortlived.

Because on the 1st of every mth... also come bills.. electricity, cable, water, telephone, net bill. And I'm actually scared to Bill Pay: this thing tht the bank has, where u hook up your bank accnt to the bills that are due, and theres a direct debit from your account. Mostly because I like looking at my account statement and seeing money in there. Like a full figure, and knowing that all that is mine, and all that came from working day in and day out.

And then on the second of every mth, it's time to withdraw all the money that needs to be taken out to pay the bills: I dunno how you guys do it, but I like withdrawing all the cash, and then taking each of the individual bills, and wrapping the bill around the money, so that when the men come to collect the money, it's given to him along with the bill and he can chop it, and all's done.


I had a good long read of the paper this morning, and I've realized how varied just even the front page of the paper is.

  • Liz Hurley's gotten married to Arun Nayar... it's causing very faint ripples in India, where most people are geared up for the Abishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai wedding. So the paper report was very BLAH... Elton John sang, Hugh Grant didn't come and Ella Macpherson wore Versace.

  • An MP was shot dead in Manipur by Naxalites.

  • There was a raid (in India!) on a rave: the hitlist is really funny- the police seized 3 kgs of Ganja, a couple of litres Phenyl Hydro-something (frgt wt the third compound was), and thn ciggarettes n alcohol. Phenyl Hydro____, sounds illegal. Ganja, in India lives in the gray area of the law. It's legal as Bangh.. the drink made from marijuana, traditionally having been consumed by farmers instead of alcohol, legal, rolled up dried n smoked by Sadhus(mostly those who've decided to service god Siva) but apparently illegal when consumed by IT professionals, foreigners and students, especially in a rave. Why they might have seized ciggies n alcohol is truly beyond me.
  • I read on n i realized that the real reason behind the raid in Pune, was because there was an Irish female dope dealer who was meant to have made an appearance, her name is Shania and Interpol had alerted the Indian police regarding it. And it all made sense... until i saw the small box nxt to the report explaining what a rave was, (clearly designed fr parents to knw wn their kids might be going for a rave and NOT a party).

  • And thn there was a huge picture campaign about this woman poet in Hubli who was celebrating her 85th birthday. She looked hella happy, and wore a very tribal looking saree/shawl thing.

And that's the news today.