05 March 2007

The Bills and The News

It's been a busy little week.. busier than normal standards... And I've realized, that the monthly bliss experienced on the 1st of every mth, is shortlived.

Because on the 1st of every mth... also come bills.. electricity, cable, water, telephone, net bill. And I'm actually scared to Bill Pay: this thing tht the bank has, where u hook up your bank accnt to the bills that are due, and theres a direct debit from your account. Mostly because I like looking at my account statement and seeing money in there. Like a full figure, and knowing that all that is mine, and all that came from working day in and day out.

And then on the second of every mth, it's time to withdraw all the money that needs to be taken out to pay the bills: I dunno how you guys do it, but I like withdrawing all the cash, and then taking each of the individual bills, and wrapping the bill around the money, so that when the men come to collect the money, it's given to him along with the bill and he can chop it, and all's done.


I had a good long read of the paper this morning, and I've realized how varied just even the front page of the paper is.

  • Liz Hurley's gotten married to Arun Nayar... it's causing very faint ripples in India, where most people are geared up for the Abishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai wedding. So the paper report was very BLAH... Elton John sang, Hugh Grant didn't come and Ella Macpherson wore Versace.

  • An MP was shot dead in Manipur by Naxalites.

  • There was a raid (in India!) on a rave: the hitlist is really funny- the police seized 3 kgs of Ganja, a couple of litres Phenyl Hydro-something (frgt wt the third compound was), and thn ciggarettes n alcohol. Phenyl Hydro____, sounds illegal. Ganja, in India lives in the gray area of the law. It's legal as Bangh.. the drink made from marijuana, traditionally having been consumed by farmers instead of alcohol, legal, rolled up dried n smoked by Sadhus(mostly those who've decided to service god Siva) but apparently illegal when consumed by IT professionals, foreigners and students, especially in a rave. Why they might have seized ciggies n alcohol is truly beyond me.
  • I read on n i realized that the real reason behind the raid in Pune, was because there was an Irish female dope dealer who was meant to have made an appearance, her name is Shania and Interpol had alerted the Indian police regarding it. And it all made sense... until i saw the small box nxt to the report explaining what a rave was, (clearly designed fr parents to knw wn their kids might be going for a rave and NOT a party).

  • And thn there was a huge picture campaign about this woman poet in Hubli who was celebrating her 85th birthday. She looked hella happy, and wore a very tribal looking saree/shawl thing.

And that's the news today.

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dD.Diyana said...

this is the cute part of you that i miss having you around.

(( refer to the news part))