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Time Travel

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 8; the eighth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

I haven't got the memory of a vedic tantric. Neither do I ever claim to remember all. All I know is what I know, question my memory if you want to. I don't ask you to remember, I don't ask you to believe. In fact, I'm not asking you for anything at all. It is your choice to be here, to read this. So no, I don't owe you a favor.

I happened to chance upon a watch, on one of my travels. Turning the dials of such a watch, could transport you to the past, to the future, to any time. But time, my friend, is not how you think it is. It is not a straight line, and you cannot just by chance hop into the world of dinosaurs and wooden weapons.

It is a series of transparencies, like films of clean sheets of paper laid on top of each other. You look from above and you see layers, layers deep in emotions, experiences of this thing called life. Imagine now, an onion, and you peeling the layers. Forget the tears, just peel off the layers, and you will see the center. The core green, succulent and liquid.

So I turned the dial. We are a curious bunch, us humans. At first I didn't think it worked, I felt that I was where I was. Standing on the side of a road, but wait. Where is the road, the tar and the happy glint of silicon chips? All I saw was ground. And then I looked up, and saw a long vacant field. Acres and acres of land, and suddenly I was alone.

There was no one there, at least not as far as the eye could reach. I'd think, you imagine you see trees, but I didn't see any. I just saw ground. Expansive, like one would see the ocean, never ending. Was it dark? Was it night? Was the son still hot? No, it was none of those. It was a strange sight, it was the end of the world.

It was the day, breaking into dawn. It was the sun setting, with the rays landing on emptiness. It was all the natural beauty we are used to seeing, except, there was nothing to take in, no one to appreciate. We, in our totality, were gone.

Where did we go? Who knows. Where are the trees? And why did the sky break into a confusion of time? Why did it not know whether to set or to rise? I did not move. Was I standing? It is a strange feeling, to be the last of a kind. I lost will, I lost faith. More importantly, I lost the excitement of being alive.

I turned the dial back, I returned to now. I felt enlightened, I felt fear. The sun sank my eyes, my eye lids shut. I fell to the ground, this I know. I had a ring in my head, and my heart ran in it's cage excitedly.

No, this cannot be the world of tomorrow. Or was it the past, before us. Someone said, foot prints in the sand. We cannot be that. We cannot be the fossils we study.

I know it will be different, I know I can change this world. I know I can become the change. I know we will survive. I know we have to.

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Parth J Dave said…
Brilliant stuff, Saro!

Your post is a very simple read, but it gives out a powerful message.. We need a change to save our Earth! So beautiful!

All the best for BATOM-8!
swayambhu said…
yes...brilliant yet simple. btw, there wasn't any grass either??
Vibhuti B said…
Hey beautifully you write girl!! Lovely flow..its such an easy read...And I always get this feeling that there is always a verse like quality to your prose which makes it different!
I wish you luck for BATOM 8..Cheers...
Truck Driver said…
Hey that was really good..... not much complicated and the meaning was loud and clear.... i really liked it :)
Saro said…
Parth: I did not intend it to be a save the earth story. But it became it, because we can't deny that we want to leave a happy planet to our kids. And that is the future, I see you have a passion for it too. We need more in our club :)

Swayambhu: I don't know if it had grass. What do you see, did we still have grass?

Vibhu: Thank you! That's a really nice compliment cz it comes from you, and I love reading your stuff too.
Saro said…
Thank you truck driver.. happy you read it at all (woohoo!)
Mehak said…
this is great! powerful writing :)
Anonymous said…
Marvelous Saro..
You're gonna give a tough competition to everyone there at the Batom.
Loved the maturity of this article and the mesg.
Hope ppl understand this and Vote you.. Best of luck..
Leo said…
that ending.. took the cake! lovely! :)
@ Saro

Indeed a delight to read how dawn can be so dangerous yet drived you into a strange destiny!

I liked the way it started and all set though the question wht next kept me on my toes!

liked the Narration!!

Bwt: Thankyou so much for visiting my blog and leaving a beautiful apt comment! Though I have replied back in my post:)

Wish u too all the best!!

Keep the spark Alive..
hey saro, that was a simple, clear and powerful post...:D

good one...:D
Mural! said…
Leaves a lot to the interpretation and imagination of the reader, well written!
Anonymous said…
Beautifully narrated Saro. In a sense, both of us are trying to convey the same message but your words were really strong. Just loved the way you ended it!!! :)
A small typo: Was the son still sparkly? Just make it sun :)
Saro said…
@ Mehak: Thank you for your support.

@ Zubs: Thank you again and again :) Loved your post too my friend!

@ Leo: Thank you very much.

@Rachana: Thank you for taking the time to let your views be known. I've read your reply too, cross fingers and await the drum rolls I guess.. ha ha.

@ Sid: Thank you!

@ Mural: another constant form of support. Thank you, as always. I will hop over to read your post, good luck first time round!

@ Evanescent: Thank you! Your right, the sun cannot be sparkly. Shall edit asap :)
Saro said…
And Mural, I'm interested to know, with so many gaps in the description, what do you see?
Vivek said…
Heylo Saro,

I really liked the narration and the swift and simple flow of the post. I enjoyed reading the post.
Good luck for the BATOM!!
Love & Peace
Raksha Raman said…
Absolutely NO NONSENSE stuff...Clear and comprehend-able :) Really liked the flow at the beginning till end :) Be the change you want to bring about around you! :) I likes! Good luck with BATOM :)
hitesh rawat said…

well don't why nobody told you this till now.....but you have a typo in the post.....saying

"Was the son still hot?" wat was cooking in you mind.... ?????

on the post....
the people who commented above are really intelligent.....cause they understood....for me....i'd say i have to read a couple of more actually understand it word by word......... yea, i'm slow....but i'll try to keep up..... :)
Sorcerer said…
WOnderful writeup
simple and very well said :)

be the change.. :) nice
Makk said…
Are not we alone enf here in concrete jungles??

Njoyed your styling.....of writing.

Keep smiling.
Karthik said…
One of the most refreshing and optimistic posts I've read so far.
I loved the narrative very much.
Those last lines - We cannot be the fossils we study. I know I can become the change. I know we will survive - really mesmerized me. Hope is the only thing that keeps us alive.
Splendid job, Saro!

One thing though: Next time, provide the link of 'that' particular post of BAT, yar. Clicking on the link navigated me to your main page and that L'Oreal post confused me like hell. *What's L'Oreal got to do with Time Travel?* Hehehe.. lol.. :D

Anyways, all the best for BATOM!
Cheerios! :)
Megha said…'s difficult to think of 100 years in's not gonna be easy makes an awesome read!

You've kept it really simple...but it has such a strong underlying message for the world. :)
Nethra said…
That was a nice post with an optimistic ending. We ought to do something about the end of the world. At least, we need to take care of global warming and stuffs, isn't it? :)

All the best for blog-a-ton. :)
Saro said…
Vivek, Raksha, Sorcerer, : Thank you for taking the time to read through my post. Happy you felt it was time, well spent :)

Hitesh: "Was the sun still hot"- was just used to depict that the person was super confused at what he saw that he didn't remember obvious details like the sun's heat. Having said that though, maybe if I hadn't written it, that aspect would not be easy to explain. Thank you for your honesty, he he.

Makk: I wish we were more alone in the concrete jungles. Especially in all this heat! Could use some nice air movement!!

Karthik: Thank you! I just figured out how to do that too. After the stuff I read on your blog, once again, I'm happy to take any comments as compliments :)

Megha & Nethra: It is, isn't it? Especially with everyone saying it's not true, this global warming thing. But at the end of the day, do we need an excuse to strive to live a life more balanced with nature..

The Solitary Kid: Thank ya :) I wonder though, when you will start going for the BATOM contests.
Mahesh Kalaal said…
highly intriguing and it left me some indelible questions to ponder dwell and rake and rationalise....
different from all the post with much comprehensiveness and objectivity...
all d best for bat8 :)
The Fool said…
Nice. Philosophical and rich in metaphors and a message loud and clear.
hitesh rawat said…
@ saro.......

see that proves i didn't get a single word of the post..... :)

man i'm dumb......

anyways.....did i get your name rite????
Anonymous said…
Wonderful and awesome imagination...You have a way with words...I liked the uncertainty...
Saro said…
Mahesh: Thank you, that was a very interesting comment :)

The Fool: Thank you!

Hitesh: You failed. :(

Dil: Thank you. I'm happy you took the opportunity, as I imagine you did, to imagine your own end of the world :)
Shilpa Garg said…
Wow! A wonderful thought and beautiful expression and an impressive take on the subject!
Cheers and all the best for BAT-8! :)

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