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Mr Manmohan Singh

All hail manmohan singh.

If this stupid territorial war over Kashmir can be resolved, perhaps India and Pakistan, can be friends for once. All the way from 1947, all the prime ministers that have come and gone have attempted to bring piece in the region, using a mixture of their own brands of diplomacy and hardtalk. And none it seems made more sense, than good ole manmohan singh. It doesn't take flamboyance, doesn't take but someone with a good heart and a firm mind to do something about what can otherwise appear to a be a mess.

But for Pakistan, perhaps you could learn to administer ur own territory before u come into ours claiming more land. All the way in 1947, what would/should have been an otherwise independant nation was forced to form a partnership with India. Thanks to the attacks by ur tribesman, we had a problem. Yes the populace is largely muslim and yes, they did want to be a part of you. And yes they could have skipped the border if they wanted to do so, and yet the…

Rights of Individuals

Human Rights....

easy to define, hard to follow. And i'm nt even talking about the malaysian government.

sister was meant to call today. Sister who loves me. She wanted to send me the picture of my nephew but she didn't, because she wanted me to hear him cry. And i thought, i could do the online chattin thing. Where i can listem to him cry. Listen to him let that cute cryin noise that they do. My galfren sez that it sounds noisy i dun think so. So i thought i'd go and buy myself some speakers. >>>>>>>>>>>>
And he sed, passport.
I sed at home.
to jail with me then.
I'll get it now i sed.
Ur fren can do that.
And he did.
But the boss wasn't in.
So i'm still here stuck.
Detention centre they say.
Cramped up bed i say.
2 days i've been here.
Waiting for the boss to come.
But he hasn't i dunno why.
So i wait till tommorow.
And i have a test.
I do/am angry.
Though it will do me no good.
And so i wait til…

Ashe and the Old World

Before there was day,
before there was night,
and before there was a Universe,
All things lived in harmony in Olorun,
The Cosmic Heavens, located in the realm of Ikode Orun.
The Giant Egg that sat in the center of Nothingness.

Ashe has a Thought

Now realize before the beginning of everything there was only Ashe, the creative force itself. It was in no pot. There was nothing but Ashe. But one day Ashe began to think. And when thinking began Ashe became Oloddumare (The mighty creator). And as Oloddumare thought he thought matter, and so matter became to be. And the matter is called Olorun(The realm of Olorun), the Adobe at the center of everything. But matter became a she as Oloddumare is a he, for thinking causes a reaction in the opposite direction, a male thinking generates a female thing; a female thinking a male thing. The name of the thinking creating matter in Olorun is Nana Baruku, the Grandmother of all the divinities. YORUBA RELIGION FROM AFR…

Fish And Cow

I knw so little about fish... so so so little...

for instance

~ did u knw they get fat?
~ they have a blood stream
~ it's painfull when you tap on the glass of an aquarium

~Endothermic teleosts (bony fishes) are all in the suborder Scombroidei and include the billfishes, tunas, and one species of "primitive" mackerel. All sharks shortfin mako, long fin mako, white, porbeagle, and salmon shark – are known to have the capacity for endotherm. The degree of endothermy varies from the billfish, which warm only their eyes and brain, to bluefin tuna and porbeagle sharks who maintain body temperatures elevated in excess of 20°C above ambient water temperatures. Endothermy, though metabolically costly, is thought to provide advantages such as increased contractile force of muscles, higher rates of central nervous system processing, and higher rates of digestion.

Just like cows.... well i knw more abt them than fish

for instance

~strange how cows appear to produce milk naturally while mos…

Death Drive

satisfied, i am...

ha ha star wars baby ;)...

Freud in Class

1. death drive: the urge to cheat death

2. Fort/Da: the 'peek-aboo' effect....

Met a bunch of interesting ppl.. made me wonder where all my fervour for all that i knw i have an active death drive.. i knw that pretty well and i don't care what Andrew says, i cannot stomach in the whole womb effect of the theatre...

All arnd my age, and wonder if that 'me' was given up for this one. One that i am not too glad of being or becoming. My sci-fi self seems to think that it's possible to explore the parallel planes of existence, the one where i am something entirely different to what i am today. Good blog, good link...for those of you who take an active interest in india and its political climate, this should be good feed for the active brain.. for those of u who cudn give a shit, read on i'm sure u'd enjoy the interest that cannot be simply grown.... ;)

Reasons to Smile I


playing basketball with devinka and niro last nite i realized two things abt myself... he he he... i am stubborn... rebel without a cause.. i need to occupy myself with things that are worth fighting for... ofcourse.. jundaboy's 'a woman watching a movie alone- unacceptable' line is unforgivable... bt he din say it with ne mal intention- true?
no reason to get pissed off at that.. bt the information that another person mite be goin on the same show as mine has made me want to watch Darth now... now meaning in the next two i need to find the crew wit today's ticket... soon, fast...
i will not end up in a movie alone with someone who thinks he can catch me in the act of watchin one alone.. i have livid day nightmare of his wanting the seat next to mine and asking junda's housemate to let him have it... nooooooooo! my precious precious pride injured and my precious precious Yoda left unattended to because his fan is too worried abt what to do with situati…

Morality Sabi

French songs frm Dee Dee's Cd... tout va bien... they're nt too bad...french r n b... something abt the partial understanding of the lyrics make em more interesting.. when u ignore the words, u can listen to ur thoughts and my thoughts now are wandering over to morality... how moral a person am I?
I dun believe morality has ever been on my mind... (coeur- heart) ha ha potentially i'm asking that question for the first time (mal-bad)... this has come out of a covo btw dd and i.. talkn abt alcohol, weed n smoking.. which is the lesser evil? (jamais-never).. i'll never get morality, i dun un the word in spaz speak.. i dun suppose i'll ever be morally righteous; not that forgiving, not that understanding, not that un-selfish, highly well, green- envious, jealous... wt are those 7 sins of mankind again...

1. greed- only when it comes to love : 3/10

2.jealousy- higly applicable : 9/10

3.lust- ahem? : 5/10

- change in wait.. think i will interrupt my deadly sins for…
Sigh sigh sigh............

Star Wars.... case of the bought tickets, switched then re-switched..... ai ai... anakin walker... now that reminds me of alcohol... which reminds me... devvvv honey need to stop by at ur place soon to finish that bottle... need it now..

Une route circulaire, allant le rond et le rond ne menant nullepart, allant non où, le point de qui il a commencé à être le point où ceci a commencé, il ne terminera jamais il semble, à moins que la source est allée et est allée pour de bon. Je ne peux pas prendre cela, faire le disparaître, donc les lignes vont sur jusqu'à ce que les courses d'encre éclaircissent.

A Little Spice on The House

Ah... made new food today...invented recipie... tamarind paste, onions, tomatoes, garlic, dried shrimp paste fried in oil with dried fish, salt and chili paste. I dunno what to call it, because i made it talking to my housemate and ended up confusing the ingredients of rasam with the ingredients for fish sambal... bt well... it's sitting there in the microwave while i wonder wt to do with it... earlier i threw in some rice before i cleaned up the slow cooker to taste it and it occured to me that i'd also forgotten to put salt... bt dried fish has salt, so does the shrimp paste... and had some, tasted yum... bt then again i am like tsun, ne thing with salt tastes good (with the exception of bitter gourd, all other gourds and pumpkins).... so looking for a tester...i should call Devinka, wt wit that lecture she gave me a while ago, she deserves to be a sampler... (esp since i can't use my usual since it's nt vegetarian)... bt poor thing.. with that sheet of gray that se…

Prince Charming

Wanted: Prince Charming

Qualifications: Must be Nice and then some more... actually perfect i think

What would u say are the chances that he actually exists? I mean i remember talking to shanil sometime this week and he was apalled that anyone actually believed that. Bt they mite.. and personally speaking, i dun think ne one has the right to mock them for that...just cs u haven't met the prince doesn't mean he doesn't exist... mite be being naive bt i mean...wt ever rocks ur boat i suppose...

On a diff note... another failed assignment and this time i can't blame it on lack of effort..prince charming should come now in all his perfectness n comfort me... perhpas pass me a list of the best sheets so i knw the best... and pass on some good notes to the teachers(like he would tell daddy to chop their heads off if i dunt pass).. he gets to choose which one out of the two he'd do for then again i forget... i never believed in him.... no seriously, i didn't.... …

Life Statistics

life stats... 3 ppl knw me the best.... there's one person who's my responsibility... there's one person to whom i can say the weirdest things to and he would think it's ok... there's one person who i'll always like... there's one gal who suprises me at every corner testing my patience to the max, tryin the hardest anyone has recently to make me a better person.... there's one gal who's the best good friends gal fren ever... there's one gal who i've not seen since 7th June 2001 bt still dutifully e-mails n updates me on everything... and they're all special, and i love all of them.

If you could life happy with the people u have, i'm a very happy person.
If you lived life measuring it by the ppl u dun have, u are a very unsatisfied person.


mmm.... well the past couple of days have been...what do i say? Eventfull.

one........thu & fri nite... clubbin

two.......fri nite (also) ... footsal

three... sat nite..........sahara (the movie, fun fun fun)

four.....sunday nite/monday morn/tue mornin.... assignment COM 3413

five... tuesday...afternoon... find out someone has stolen money off my wallet, placed in my room

six.... (tamil) Chandramukhi (fun) in class Psycho (yawn)

seven.. wednesday... sick, bloody sore throat, movie in the evening...XXX (Yawn) .. football match to watch AC Milan v PSV Eindhoven...match results... 1-3... But Milan make it to the finals anyways... =)...Maldini gets kicked in the head in the first of the game... waiting for our waffles watching Maldini injured on the green green grass...sujan and bhav gettin excited with the fact that i'd gone all the way to Puchong to watch the match and Maldini gets 'out' due to injury... i told em my baby will come back... and he did lik…