31 May 2005

Mr Manmohan Singh

All hail manmohan singh.

If this stupid territorial war over Kashmir can be resolved, perhaps India and Pakistan, can be friends for once. All the way from 1947, all the prime ministers that have come and gone have attempted to bring piece in the region, using a mixture of their own brands of diplomacy and hardtalk. And none it seems made more sense, than good ole manmohan singh. It doesn't take flamboyance, doesn't take but someone with a good heart and a firm mind to do something about what can otherwise appear to a be a mess.

But for Pakistan, perhaps you could learn to administer ur own territory before u come into ours claiming more land. All the way in 1947, what would/should have been an otherwise independant nation was forced to form a partnership with India. Thanks to the attacks by ur tribesman, we had a problem. Yes the populace is largely muslim and yes, they did want to be a part of you. And yes they could have skipped the border if they wanted to do so, and yet they did not, so how far does your faith hold.

A person's nationality cannot be changed as quick as the reinking of borders, and if the Kashmiri people do not want to be Indian or Pakistani, then we cannot make them. And hail to Manmohan Singh for having realized that- "Manmohan Singh said India and Pakistan should work together to make borders "meaningless and irrelevant".

And yes borders are becoming increasing irrelevant. No longer are the peoples of a nation tied to one another based on their nationality. Indian immigrants all around the world are tied together under the blanket flag, and just as Indians within the nation do not consider themselves as being part of the BHARATH.

A nation is the combined cultural heritage of the peoples, and the state; the executive enforcement of the nation. As far as a defined interest for a nation needs to be concluded, we need collective security not extra borders for the nation to patrol.

Since when did the state become more important than the nation?
Since when did the nation have to sacrifice its country men and women, so that we can continue being the state?
Since when did the nation have to listen to the state?
A state cannot exist in so far as a nation is not there to support it.
And thank you Mr Manmohan Singh for acknowledging that.

And then the seperatists come. Thank you pakistan, in all you valour and claim, you conclude that the only way to rescue 'ur' ppl is to organise seperatists within the enemy station. Yes the boundary war means that it's a violation of the nation, and yes infecting the populace with a dominant ideology also classifies as an attack on the nation and you have continued to exploit and attack. And yet, in poetic justice, you reap what u sow.
And in that, you see, an attack on the mosque is a retailiatory attack on the closest fast food chain. You reap what u sow, when you find yourselves discriminated against by your apparent national ally, The BIG STATES, for visa claims, for tourist opportunities. Just like u reaped what u sew, when Bangladesh decided to up and go.

And India, need I even start. Yes we are a cultural capital, but where are we going economically. WE have disputes with Tibet over the existence of the Dalai Lama, and we have border disputes with China, we have disputes with the Pakis, we are incapable of having a clear line of control when it comes to Bangladeshi immigrants, we are sending insurgents into the heart of Sri Lanka's civil strife- and i need to ask. Is there a neighbour that we are friends with?

We are the sole hindu nation in the world. And we need to survive. Purchasing arms from the Israelis' not only predetermines our relationship with the member countries of the Organisation of Muslim Nations on the whole, it also undermines the fact that every year we spend 93% of our budget on defence purchases.

Not to mention the amount of labour resources going into the conversion of old ass submarines purchased from Russia into new-er models. Not to mention the socialist's nightmare come true, as capitalism takes root in a country where the morals and ethics of the public are slowly but continually being eroded due to a confused culture. Yes the big bosses say, hate the muslims and become more indian. And then they give liscencing agreements to Coke and Pepsi and let them argue it out on the Ads on t.v.
SO TELL US what the hell being indian means. Not rely on the Gods because even the Gods are becoming commercialised now. DO we need this capitalism, or let me rephrase, do we need this uncontrolled capitalism. DO we need this India Shining?

I'll tell you what we need. We need a nice kick up the arse and tell eachother that good relations and security are not a given but things that people have to work hard at before it can be achieved. And thank you Mr Singh for not beinga push over and making that first step towards peace. Yes you are signing agreements with the puppetish Minister in Pakistan. And yes u do need to be heard by the dictator. But good luck to u and thanks for trying. We all want our country to be respected, and our nation happy.

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