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My change in the world

They say that change is the only constant in life, and that I cannot agree with more, it is isn't it. So when there's a a contest rolled out asking you what would you like to change, it's easy to just say EVERYTHING!

But, that's only because that's the easiest thing to say. I want you to turn your favorite musical composition- music that makes you happy and read the rest of this post.

No seriously, it makes a difference. Go ahead.

I think the one main thing I'd change in this world, is the way we treat our animals. Living on the Outer Ring Road in Bangalore, there's a carcass of a dead dog evey other day. Thanks to our friendly neighbourhood truck driver. I've always wondered if the truck stopped to turn around to find out what that thump was, or if he was too sleepy to realise there was a thump at all. Just like that, a life lost.

There are lives lost, then there are those for whom lives are trivialised. Driving through the Ring Road again, just the …

Dear Emilie: A Young Woman's Journal

Dear Emilie,

I've landed to hear the most shocking news. I've become a woman now. No, Emilie, I know what you're thinking, but it's not that I didn't know I was a girl, but I'm a woman now. I can't believe it either! Grandma said it shouldn't come this early, but it has, at 10. Savita Aunty says that I can't talk to boys now, but she's so silly she doesn't know that talking doesn't make a difference. I pity these girls in India who don't know anything about these things.. sigh.. OK, got to go now, dad's coming over from Malaysia, have to find out why and what they plan on doing.


Your New Woman.


Dearest Emilie, my only friend in the world!!! You are not going to believe what they want to do to me.. they want to print out cards for me and have a PUBERTY CEREMONY!! I was so happy to come back to India and get it, and now it turns out this was the worst thing ever, can you imagine having to sit there in…

The best good person

I was never the smartest girl, prettiest or the most outgoing girl. A lot of people call that self esteem issues, I just think that those are the facts and all my life I've always tried to remove any negative or positive connotations from those words.

Not the tallest doesn't mean you're the shortest, and even if it did, why does that make a difference?

Let's try another one: Not the most attractive, doesn't mean, you're the ugliest, and if if did, is that you're opinion or someone elses? Is it coming from a loved one who's angry or a random stranger on the road? And if a loved one, is that loved on referring to your physical attrtibutes or your character attributes...and so on

I love that my thoughts have been shaped this way, I love being able to punch in some logic to a spiralling state of mind to find a way to still balance and continue with life, stressing on my need to always be a good person, no matter what and let myself be the only one to judge me…