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Treasure Chest

I built a treasure chest. With gold frills and jewel pieces. I laced the chest with silver coils, shaping danger signs barring curious explorers from opening it. Inside it I put an Egyptian ankh, the toe of the first homo erectus man. Over the years I found more great wonders, like the diary of Amelia Earhart, the Bermuda Triangle's secret. I put it all in this treasure chest of mine, and said, the day will come, when one will dare open this chest.

I have to admit the exterior wasn't as strong as it was misleading. I threw the magic hair dust of a pixie that left a packet under the pillow when I lost my first tooth. Some would see, instead of a beautiful chest a dirty sack of socks. Others would see a dining table, and apart from inquiring why on earth it was placed in the middle of a bedroom, they would not give it a second look. Still more came and saw a hardened wooden chastity chest, but there was one that commented that the box looked like a diamond in the rough.

I delighte…

Your Heart

A dusty summer afternoon, in the bustle of the city, there stood a girl on the side of the street holding a bunch of roses. "Would you want to buy one for your girlfriend Sir?" she wanted to know.
The Sir threw his hand out in exasperation and yelled back at her, asking her to leave them alone. The girlfriend was indifferent, she pulled her sunshades down and pursed her lips together. It was hot, and The Sir was making her walk this crowded street for a bloody burger.

They passed the insignificant girl, small and bright eyed. She probably wasn't older than seven, had her hair up in a ponytail, browned by the days in the sun, rough and ruly from the nights of hunger. She put on a smile and her best innocent face, and walked up to a different pedestrian. With this one, she had no response. She got a sharp shove aside.

Her balance lost, she teetered over the side of the pavement and dangled dangerously close to the traffic. She lost her footing and landed face d…