26 January 2007


it's been pretty tense here in Bangalore this week.. communal tensions ripped the past weekend in two... Not anywhere near my place or place of work.. but the inner city, where i did live before.. imagine, the first time in my life I ever heard of the shoot at sight order,..essentially the clashes that have happened here have been btwn the hindus and the muslims.. when an anti-death of Sadam rally turned a bit ugly.. some of the ppl in the rally apparently ripped out posters of the pro hindu nationalist party here,

although my argument for the situation is that u don't necessarily have to be Muslim to participate in a rally of that sort..and the posters could've just been in the way of say.. walking on the road.. moving is not the same as ripping.. and as is most common in these cases, the newspapers have been divided about the whole affair.. anyways.. that was on friday..

saturday, shoppin in the city with Asra turned a bit scary when everyone started running and telling us to run too.. wit traffic police cops doubling up as shouting evacuation men.. stuffing asra n me, her friend and mum into one auto.. and thn shouting at me for not getting in fast enough... hyperchondriac.. so we ran.. and i spent the night at her place where we went clubbing along with Bhav

on Sunday there was a meeting being held in the city.. i think this is the reason mainly that there have been so many problems.. the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (the hindu nationalist party i mentioned earlier) and i think they came up to something in the meanwhile... and basically managed to get the city into a state of emergency..burning up busses, assaulting random ppl, a police officer got stabbed, a boy of eleven died getting in the middle of a police confrontation.. with the RAF (rapid action force) being called in and extra army help from the neighbouring cities.. and a curfew was declared.

Bangalore is shocked. First time we've had religious based clashes here.. yet another reminder that this city is becoming bigger, more metropoliton and more dangerous and unpredictable. Or should i call it bengalooru? In the past weeks, we've found a terrorist groups that have travelled all the way from Kashmir.. LeT (Lakshar el something) rumored to be operating about 40 cells within Karnataka... planning on blowing up Wipro and Infosys and other IT centres here.. IBM has escaped from the list of the confessor who was caught..

These things before happened only in the north of India.. but I suppose becoming a bigger city has it's share of downs.. as the yuppies would say.. we have X number of Coffee Days and Baristas now, we have X number of shops.. even Zara is opening an outlet soon.. Mc Donalds has integrated itself into pre-clubbing meal centre.. in the short amt of time that it's been here, along with KFC.. which offers paneer rolls just for the indian population.. YAY! Good on the yuppies..

Otherwise the main story today is of how Pandher (the cannibalistic child raper n call girl loving nithari man) went to court and got his ass whooped and dragged all the way frm court chambers to the local police station by lawyers and other enraged citizens. Whooped for about 8 minutes (someone had the presence of mind to keep time) till he got unconscious. After which he was smuggled through the back entrance of a police station, protected by a cell and 7 CBI officers... ha ha ha.. things that cld happen anywhere in democratic India.. let alone Uttar Pradesh...

08 January 2007

I need a good long loooooong body massage... and i want to lie on a bed filled with rose petals. And close my eyes, and just drift into sleep, with out having to set the alarm clock...

But if i should wake up..accidentally or for real, I want to see you next to me and know that your not just a dream.

so bad.

01 January 2007



Running a fever right now. Just because, this weekend has seen me with 6 hrs of sleep for three days.. and need to get to work later today.. :(

Had a nice night of fun: adequate socialising, dancing, drinking and well gossiping. Didn't help that all through last night I was running a fever as well.. and the previous night I got drunk.. ( I very purposedly drank 1/4 bttle of brandy n a full litre of wine)... which to those who know me know is waaaaaay over the limit of a couple of drinks..

My eleven year old niece parked a stool in the loo to make me comfortable... kids are so smart now a days...

But I just realized I've been writing a whole load of bull shit in here, when all i wanted to say was a big thank you to all those who i met and well, made it a night of fun.. and to just the world. I know that sounds so hippy, but it makes sense to me.. it's a new year, and if anything, I've learnt one thing in the past year. Appreciate everything you have, cz u never know when or how suddenly it might go away. Ya, soppy enough. OK suckers, have a great year!