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Dear Government (UPA, BJP, X Y & Z)...

To the Government of India
Including all Opposition Parties
And half-political entities, like the Sena
And puppets (Santa Singh)
Well wishers, neighbors & supporters,

As a citizen (who regularly pays all my taxes, Income, Cessation, Education, VAT, Service) I'd like to know the deadlines for the following issues and the plans that are in place to curb/fix/address them.

What is happening with Inflation? What serious measures has the government taken to curb and control inflation? What is the target inflation that has been set to check and measure the success of these policies?
Is the government currently providing licenses to doctors opening up clinics? How is that there are so many clinics set up in rural and township areas encouraging women into getting hysterectomies for menial issues, like an irregular periods or stomach cramps?
Why is that India has lesser legislation that allows women to become surrogate mothers to foreign women so easily?
What is being done to control the traffic…

KFC- Not so nice anymore!

I love KFC. I've been eating it since I was 8 and it's always been a celebration to go there and I have to admit, it is finger licking good. I can smell a KFC before I see it, and my saliva glands cheerlead all the way to the ordering counter. But..

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The decision is yours. But before you make it, be informed.

Tea & Demerara

I love tea. Not the way Jane (bff) loves tea but more so than the average Indian. I discovered something over Christmas this year, whilst grocery shopping for a list that called for this wonderful thing called Demerara Sugar, that escalates the pleasure to new heights.

What is it?

Natural brown sugar (like real sugar, not heroin) that tastes delicious. It has a wonderful way of combining itself with the other ingredients in what ever your making, to become part of the dish. So the dish is never just sweet, but sweet with the flavors that you've added to this case tea. And to boot, it's healthier than your average refined white sugar.

For those of you who do share my obsession over tea, do try the following. It's yummy, especially with the weather these days.

Grocery List

Cinnamon- A 1/4 stick
Chocolate Tea (I got my packet from Ooty)- 2 tsp
Water- 2 cups
Milk- As you wish
Demerara Sugar- As you wish

To make:

1. Add cinnamon stick to the water give it a boil for a minute or s…





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It started with a dream, of big buildings and sky scrappers. A shiny coin, revolving, with the head of a woman, with the slightest smile. A land of presents, happy smiles and lovely people. White, yellow and black were the skins. New chocolates, flavors of ice cream to taste. We were going to live in "Foreign" with Father.

We packed up all our things, said good bye to Father's family of twelve: aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. I waved out to everyone on the street, and kept waving to everyone I saw on the way to the airport. Here I come you chocolates!

It was the airplane that took us, and I saw on the clouds in the sky, pieces of lost jewelery. They glistened with the sun rays that hit them. It made sense then, that that's how people …

A death

My grandma passed away today. I sent a few messages with the same five words to let the people close to me know, that I wouldn't be alright for a few days. I didn't know much about her, except for the fact that she was independent, open minded and that she shaped my mum.

And she thought well of me. And she knew I had a temper. And she knew I liked tea. We took her to the hospital last night, because she said she felt faint. The docs tested her out and gave her a clean bill. We came back, joked a bit about how old the doctor looked, and how I thought she should revert to the days when she loved mutton paya and the lot. Then I left, with no clear idea of when I would see her again.

I know before I went to see her, my mother said she liked drinking apple juice in the evenings and told me to get her apples. When I got a plate of apples, I told the lady that I would give her ten bucks extra if she gave me all the nice apples because I was getting it for my pati (grandma). And the lad…