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KFC- Not so nice anymore!

I love KFC. I've been eating it since I was 8 and it's always been a celebration to go there and I have to admit, it is finger licking good. I can smell a KFC before I see it, and my saliva glands cheerlead all the way to the ordering counter. But..

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The decision is yours. But before you make it, be informed.


Arun Krishna said…
The conditions these birds and animals are raised are indeed pathetic.

I happened to watch this documentary called Food Inc. sometime back - about institutionalization of farming.I couldn't look at meat for a whole week...
Saro said…
Hey! Welcome back after eons :)

I'll look it up on torrent. This caught me by surprise, I honestly did not know that it was this bad. And it's not fair, and I can't help but feel that somewhere and somehow we'll pay for it.
Anonymous said…
Its much more sane in India...if u eat halaal..
Saro said…
Anon: is kfc in india halal?

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