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Cz there are no nickels in my pocket.
All my nickels were lost.

And the cents in my pocket,
Were there one day and now their gone.

Atleast I have my pants on I think,
And just then, they come off my waist.

So I think you know, what I'd still have on,
And that is where I am at now.

Missing Love

I havent felt a need to think about love in awhile now. And suddenly today, in the worst of timings, at work, on break inbetween a training session I suddenly feel this over whelming emptiness or lack of feeling connected to someone. I guess it has been awhile and I realize now, this particular moment that I miss it. I really really do.

Especially the way corny love songs make sense, and the way you look forward to every day because you will see that person. How none of your clothes look nice when you are to go see them, and at the end of the day the way your heart drops because you have to spend a whole night of loneliness before you see them again.

I know it doesn't last forever, even in couples that do last forever.. but FYI, I miss it. :)


I love life, and it is means to live it. I may not always feel this way, not everyday atleast. I don't think anyone feels this way, well.. unless your Fidel, he seems to love the world and living it every day.

The latest pressing issue for me, is the death of Kugan. Malaysia is talking about it, India is celebrating Republic Day and making plans to elude the eclipse that is also occuring today.

He died while under police interrogation, and a forum that I've been a part of is spewing a lot of distaste for the incident. In all my objectivity, I refuse to address the matter as a racially motivated incident, as I strongly feel that dying under interrogation is relatively common incident that occurs every where in the world. And it is wrong, and it needs to be battled for what it is, an abuse of power more than, having a country up in arms angry at the so called 'racial attack'.

Yes we understand that there may be many layers to any conflict, and this is just a tip in the iceb…

In words

what is in a word of insult, but the meaning and feelings of the person that says it.

why should it define the person that it is targeted at, and not the person that says it.

why is it when things are to go wrong, it isn't one or two but everything.

why is it that when the things that really matter go away, they go in silence,
and when small things strut it, there's so much noise and hullaballoo.

In a funeral we loose a body, a mother or a child,
But everyday we loose ourselves, and there's no one to cry for us.

Make me diamond houses and fly me in diamond cars,
Cause this glass house breaks too fast.

ALOHA 2009

I have a problem with the world and its terrorists. I have a problem with the definition of terrorists and terrorism. And I have a problem with most people viewing the world and it's problems in black & white, when there's a whole colour spectrum of truth left to be explored.

So the Hamas rebels of Palestine bombed the southern states of Israel. So angry Israel, launched an airstrike and now an on-foot offensive straight into Gaza, bombing UN buildings and killing 500 odd people of which 133 were confirmed Hamas rebels. While the Hamas store weapons & launch rockets from Gaza, they are an organisation backed by Iran & Syria. So I ask the mighty Israelis to go shoot the money lenders (pun not intended)- chopping off the tops of trees, only means more branches.

So Pakistani terrorist outfit LeT attacked the Taj & Trident & the railstation & Jewish centre in India and killed about 300 odd people, all civilians. The LeT's agenda to make South Asia an Isla…