06 January 2009

ALOHA 2009

I have a problem with the world and its terrorists. I have a problem with the definition of terrorists and terrorism. And I have a problem with most people viewing the world and it's problems in black & white, when there's a whole colour spectrum of truth left to be explored.

So the Hamas rebels of Palestine bombed the southern states of Israel. So angry Israel, launched an airstrike and now an on-foot offensive straight into Gaza, bombing UN buildings and killing 500 odd people of which 133 were confirmed Hamas rebels. While the Hamas store weapons & launch rockets from Gaza, they are an organisation backed by Iran & Syria. So I ask the mighty Israelis to go shoot the money lenders (pun not intended)- chopping off the tops of trees, only means more branches.

So Pakistani terrorist outfit LeT attacked the Taj & Trident & the railstation & Jewish centre in India and killed about 300 odd people, all civilians. The LeT's agenda to make South Asia an Islamic sub-continent & liberate the 'muslims' living in India administered Kashmir, apparently justified the murder of all these people. And I don't even want to get into the puppy eyed response from the Pakistani officials regarding the event.

So the Sri Lankan armies have totalled the Tigers down south, with the fall of Killinochchi. Not if TN (Tamil Nadu) has anything to say about it. With a sympathetic heart for the Tigers who for so long have caused a destruction & I say this, not for one moment forgetting the events of Black July in 1982, battles have already begun in TN on who should mobilize funds to help the Tigers out. And how do I know this? I just do.

So if India were to do an Israel, would Pakistan call the events in Mumbai late last year, 'unfortunate'?

And if Israel were to do an India with the Palestinians (which would actually be to call themselves a secular nation with no religious identity, and open their doors to share the space), would there finally be peace in the middle east?

And if Tamil Nadu became pacifist, and said they were going to concentrate on the recent lorry strikes that is threatening to cut the supply of meat, vegetables & materials (petrol!!!) to the cities instead of ways to flush funds/ weapons to the Tigers, would there be a chance of the Sinhalese apologizing for Black July & well the Tigers saying sorry for all the years before and after mean peace in Lanka?

I guess the real issue here is, how in the grown up world of politics- we get to see, with much more clarity and objectivity, that there really is no 'right' thing to do at any given time. A previous international agreement for a 6 month cease fire between Hamas & Israel, only gave the Hamas time to restock for the 7th month. And just like we hear LeT bombs Pakistani cities & towns, and are told that the Tigers kill tamil citizens too : we find, in this increasingly stratified world, a need to recognize hypocrisy and maintain our best game faces.

"'We should avoid all provocative and inflammatory
suggestions. Look at that innocent little Israeli boy who lost both his parents.
Suppose he grows up to become a terrorist avenging his parent's brutal death?
It's very important for us to understand why they're doing what they're doing.
Otherwise these attacks will never stop." OM

"Pakistan has been using terrorism as an “instrument of state policy,” PM MANMOHAN SINGH

"Pakistan's persistent efforts to defuse the current tensions with India, and his government's commitment to take action against any Pakistani national in case credible evidence is provided" PM GILANI


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