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Bombay Attacked by Terrorists, AGAIN!

So the word is out, "India is going nuts."Another terror attack, this time not a bomb. A hostage crisis, for some this wld be 24 hours of terror soon. More than a 100 people dead, more to die in the coming hours. As someone said, this is simply awful. All I want to know is the reason behind the anger. What has the world done to these people, that they are so angry with us. What has India done, that is so despicable? Or are we just simply being attacked because we are preceived to be weak? Or unable to fight back? Or is this about the citizens of the UK and the USA, who were targeted? And to repeat, this is simply awful.

Why I could be stoned on judgement day.

So this may not really be funny, or offensive.

But... So we were all having a chat, about the party that is supposed to happen this weekend to celebrate something at work. There was talk about whether they would be supplying some form of alcohol..

and somebody said there wouldn't be any.
and somebody said people don't drink on Sundays.
and somebody said Christians do.

And I said, looking at the Christians, maybe they should all be given bottles of water and they could use their magic powers and turn the water into wine.

To which I got silence, and then somebody laughed.
And then someone else laughed. And then we all laughed.

But I remember the silence, and I can start to feel the pelts.


It's funny how one of the hardest things to figure out, is what makes you happy.
I've been thinking about it hard all week, and I just can't seem to figure it out. For now, it looks like happiness is when I forget about all the things that have been going wrong on a personal front.

On the other hand, I've come to realize that a lot of things that we want in life, stems out of our innate desire to want specific people in our lives. And strangely, when they are removed, so are our desires.


Asleep with dreams of me and you,
its been so long since I have been awake.

fresh coffee on a cloudy morning,
cold shower on a sizzling afternoon.

love in utopia,
reality in life.