24 November 2008

Why I could be stoned on judgement day.

So this may not really be funny, or offensive.

But... So we were all having a chat, about the party that is supposed to happen this weekend to celebrate something at work. There was talk about whether they would be supplying some form of alcohol..

and somebody said there wouldn't be any.
and somebody said people don't drink on Sundays.
and somebody said Christians do.

And I said, looking at the Christians, maybe they should all be given bottles of water and they could use their magic powers and turn the water into wine.

To which I got silence, and then somebody laughed.
And then someone else laughed. And then we all laughed.

But I remember the silence, and I can start to feel the pelts.

1 comment:

dD.Diyana said...

I like this.
It's simple, brief and absolute A-plus graded funny.