31 October 2010

Mythbusters- Well this was surprising!

So there's a show on TV(unaware if it shows in India) that aims to bust or confirm modern day myths. I was reading up on whether is it truly necessary to wash the tops cans of soda to prevent possible death from rat piss. Yes, it's a disgusting thought, but more than it being disgusting I was wondering if there was any truth to it. I mean, you were probably not aware of it till I just told you, and probably have drunk a huge number of soda cans too. And you didn't die... Now that I have your curiousity:

Find below the myth and the conclusion...


Drinking from a can of soda on which a rat has urinated can be fatal, due to pathogens contained in the urine.


Adam and Jamie began with a control sample of 1,000 cans, cleaning their tops and turning a pack of rats loose for 90 minutes to urinate on them. They discovered that the urine would fluoresce under black light, then collected 1,000 cans from various locations and storage areas around San Francisco. To their surprise, a large number of these cans showed apparent contamination under the light; they took swabs from the tops and sent them to Stanford University for chemical analysis, which revealed only harmless dust. Since no rat urine was on the cans, and since any pathogens ingested with the soda would almost certainly be rendered harmless in the digestive tract, Adam and Jamie classified the myth as busted.

So that's your questions answered: but while I was reading through the article guess what else I found that frankly surprised me!


Some common household items are dirtier than a toilet seat, in terms of number and/or type of germs they carry.


Adam and Jamie selected several items that might carry large amounts of germs, including a toilet seat for comparison. They swabbed a small area of each item, dipped the swabs in liquid growth medium, and transferred the mixtures to agar plates. After the samples were incubated overnight, they were analyzed to determine the number of germ colonies. Results were as follows:
  • Toilet seat - 2
  • Cell phone - 6
  • Shopping cart handle - 10
  • Hotel room TV remote - 44
  • Computer keyboard - 65
  • Light switch - 332
  • Paper money - 936
  • Kitchen sponge - Too many to count

In descending order, the sponge, money, light switch, and keyboard were found to have the highest numbers of dangerous germs. Adam and Jamie recruited a college class to take swabs from 10 of each item, again including 10 toilet seats for comparison, and incubated them as before. This time, the ranking (in descending order of average germ count) was: sponge, money, keyboard, toilet seat, light switch. Because some items did have more germs than the toilet seats, the myth was labeled as confirmed.

Yes, I too think Harpic needs to change it's advertising strategy.

29 October 2010


Hi, I've been waiting for you. Yes you, because you know who you are, stalking my photos, my blog and everything else, that has me. But it's not me that you're after, it's the one that you love, right. You're so mad, that he didn't stay. When you should be mad, that you couldn't keep him. Or rather you should be mad because you never realized that he did not belong to you.

You're so mad, you've turned a favor into a debt. You watch him to see if you've damaged him, the one place you can. You run around throwing hissy fits, telling the world that it was all his fault. Guess what the world really thinks? You were lucky to have him, you are unlucky to have lost him and that is a pity. So they give you a shoulder to cry on, give you tissue to wipe your snot off but really, no one's buying the story.

And while you bloop to the world about the charity work you're doing, about the God you've found, and the lives you have changed... Remember a few years ago, a friend lent you a hand when you needed it. And think of what you're doing now- out of jealousy, envy, anger & petulance. You are a dirty human being and no amount of holiness will ever cleanse you of that fact.

I didn't always think of you like this and there is still opportunity for you to be a better person. Do the right thing, and earn the respect that is deserved.

28 October 2010


I had some trouble falling asleep last night, and through some random surfing I came across this site. It's interesting to note that I have been diagnosed with SAD- Seasonal Affective Disorder. I laughed at first, but maybe this is true. I've been working late afternoon shifts for two weeks now, and well, I haven't seen much of the sun. I enjoy the sun, definitely more than I like the cold.. It seems to me, a vacation is inevitable. To the beach side.. btw, did you know that this actually existed?

Your Score

Major Depression: Moderate
Dysthymia: High
Bipolar Disorder: Very Slight
Cyclothymia: Slight-Moderate
Seasonal Affective Disorder: Very High
Postpartum Depression: N/A

19 October 2010

What is in it for her.

The picture of the girl who's turning a year older is never pretty. It stops being anything to look forward to, after the age of 21. At some point, this turns ugly. Not because she's afraid to look at the mirror and acknowledge the age. But because she can hear in the background the voice of her mother, screaming at her, telling her her time will run out soon.

There are few that give their daughters lee way to come to terms with the experiences of their hearts. Maybe they don't feel they trust men, maybe they are not ready for marriage. Two foreign concepts for the woman of yesterday. Along with not wanting to take leave or spend the time it takes to sift through profiles and profiles of men, after long days of work. Not to mention, stand in front of families of people in a sari, looking like a picture of serenity.

And at work, regardless of the long list of men that she runs to, in order to be that perfect Indian daughter, none are to be dated and well, if the woman of yesterday wills it, then they should not be spoken to either. Any arguments on this front, any work related phrases that counter attack the woman of yesterday, generally augments a free and easy, "Leave your job, it's not appropriate. Stay at home and help me."

Naturally one starts to wonder, but why was this option never given to me when I was sent to school? Or to college or university? Or when I joined the workforce? I've spent so many odd years building a career to be told to leave it, because... marriage proposals are hard to come by? Or because there is a claim that the stress is detracting the beauty that is adversely affecting the ability of that woman to find a partner? Or because a lot of in laws these days prefer their bahus (daughter in laws) to stay at home, even if they are looking for women who hold B.Es and B.Coms?

As her age increases, she will stop attending marriages with her parents, and other such functions. To avoid seeing the disappointment in her mother's face, when Aunty Ritu announces that her daughter is getting married. And the resulting back lash, on the car ride home. She will begin to experience this innate feeling of inadequacy, of not being able to successfully fulfill the desires of either her parents or herself.

And through time, those profiles that were rejected in the earlier years, become rarities. The market is drying up, because her age in going up. With such pressure, the old lady breaks, and becomes something that her daughter cannot recognize. And suddenly the mother-daughter relationship has evolved into this tug of war. Both pulling strong on either ends, and I strongly believe that this will only be over, when the girl sheds tears before leaving the home she grew up in for years, to join her husband in matrimonial glory.

The question in my mind is, who wanted the marriage more?