28 October 2010


I had some trouble falling asleep last night, and through some random surfing I came across this site. It's interesting to note that I have been diagnosed with SAD- Seasonal Affective Disorder. I laughed at first, but maybe this is true. I've been working late afternoon shifts for two weeks now, and well, I haven't seen much of the sun. I enjoy the sun, definitely more than I like the cold.. It seems to me, a vacation is inevitable. To the beach side.. btw, did you know that this actually existed?

Your Score

Major Depression: Moderate
Dysthymia: High
Bipolar Disorder: Very Slight
Cyclothymia: Slight-Moderate
Seasonal Affective Disorder: Very High
Postpartum Depression: N/A


The Solitary Kid said...

Easy cure : A good whole week at Goa!

And love the new look of your blog :)

Saro said...

Sounds perfect, but I would think pondi would be a better place to chill at. only because i've already been to goa...

ur right! at least the sun's free!