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Adam the conqueror!

It hurts very bad to be Adam. When a bad word comes out of his girlfriend's mouth, it feels like a punch in the stomach. First it's a small burst, then a ka pow and then it's a slow journey through the rib cage and right into the heart. Here, the bad word lands right in the middle of the heart to dispense small electrical pulses that goes down to the spine. Spine chilling. And this is how he felt most days a mean word came out of his girlfriends mouth.

But today was not a day like that. Today was the day he took a deep breath a fire burnt very fast right through his chest and straight to the pinks of the cheeks of his face. And then the usual happened, some of the anger on it's journey dripped into the mouth and set the tongue wagging.

And off he went in a tirade of smoke and fire, bringing up the past and the present. In a furore of emotion, at his girlfriend's insolence, he grabbed the arm of a very hot kettle and threw it on her head.

And Jane felt a meteor, a sing…