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One fell swoop....*swish*

18th Feb 05

Just got off the phone with Jane. I'm shaking. Spent most of today high from the lack of sleep and sad to say booze. Been eating real little, sporadic outbursts, been moody (Told Rekha Aunty's five year old that if he din shut up o'd push him into the drain and make sure he'd get flushed into the ocean which wudn be a good thing coz he doesn't knw how to swim)- and i don't normally say that to kids. All signs show that i'm officially depressed. And I feel so alone now. And i keep remindin myself that there are others but i knw the ppl that i want. One's gone and another on her way. And this is what we all want tho right? I'm scared tho that India is gonna happen all over again. I'll be fine...right? I'm gonna be oooold soon, i dun still need preppers true?

'In one fell swoop, all my chicks, my pretty little chicks, gone.'
I am convinced that U cudn have picked a better time to be upped and gone.


Valentine's Day

14th Feb 05

wow..been a year since Rishi. There's a very gentle wind blowing into my room but isn't doing much for the heat. I'm content to sit here nonetheless, with my fan off and feel the breeze, making me nostalgic nonetheless. Only realized it's valentine's day after sweetum jane messaged me to wish me- Happy Valentines to you too Jane! Avi should be on a plane right now, spending his valentines with the air stewardesses as he says. It's supposed to be a magical time isn't it? Where did valentine's day come from i wonder.

Obviously who ever marketed valentines is a good dude, his skills are phenomenal. And though it may simply be reduced to be a marketing gimmick, I cannot deny that it does seem magical. I remember walking through pyramid last year, I saw Thava running around looking for a dress for Rukshiela. And it's that, those actions that make valentine's day special. The desperateness that clings onto everyone in love to express it- i h…

Precision Plucking

Whoa -- you've got so much power surging through you that you could light up a city. Thank goodness you have a special companion who can act as a circuit breaker -- you supply the juice while they act as a grounding element. Go ahead and use your current electromagnetic resonance to its fullest extent without fear, however -- your buddy will also warn you if you're about to cause a brownout in the area. It's situations like this that remind you how lucky you are to have found each other.

that is sooo true innit? a hopeless godamned romantic where even a bloody friendster horoscope means something....ugh ugh ah as my 'man' would say...vhat the fack...

so.. out of ne thing interesting to say...except the pope is dead...been meaning to do this for awhile... well here goes...some extracts from my journal...

10th Feb 05'
I should be leaving in...well 2 weeks. Back to Uni. But for now i am a peeping...well, Tom-ness =). The reason being, well.. i peeped or rathe…