10 February 2005

Precision Plucking

Whoa -- you've got so much power surging through you that you could light up a city. Thank goodness you have a special companion who can act as a circuit breaker -- you supply the juice while they act as a grounding element. Go ahead and use your current electromagnetic resonance to its fullest extent without fear, however -- your buddy will also warn you if you're about to cause a brownout in the area. It's situations like this that remind you how lucky you are to have found each other.

that is sooo true innit? a hopeless godamned romantic where even a bloody friendster horoscope means something....ugh ugh ugh...bt ah as my 'man' would say...vhat the fack...

so.. out of ne thing interesting to say...except the pope is dead...been meaning to do this for awhile... well here goes...some extracts from my journal...

10th Feb 05'
I should be leaving in...well 2 weeks. Back to Uni. But for now i am a peeping...well, Tom-ness =). The reason being, well.. i peeped or rather looked out my window to witness precision plucking of a chicken. I call it precision plucking for it was done by the hand, there were actually 2 chikens- my imagination takes control when i say I believe one was a rooster. This is because, i couldn't see too well, it being early in the morning or rather 6 a.m. it was still darkand my neighbours(or the woman folk- neighbours) were all up plucking chicken. In the distant, someone was bursting firecrackersand as the mood sets in- HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! (lol) I was too busy sleeping through the whole of the first day, hence i report only for the second day.

Coming back, as it was dark, i couldn't see clearly and wonder if they'd actually killed the chicken themselves. This brings me to the next question of how one kills a chicken. Obviously, well, I would just throw a really huge stone on the chicken head once I've trapped it, except i think that that would be a result more of to get the chicken to shut up than out of a desire to eat the carcass.

Reminds me of the time in Taman Maluri, when Hemanth and i were playin with some chicks and the hen ran off with her other chicks and left the ones that we were playing with. WE couldn't locate the hen, so we thought we'd adopt them for a night and out a basket over them. They wouldn't shut up at all, and mummy got so irritated and annoyed that she abandoned them outside.

It's one of those stories where the ending is anyone's guess. I've always suspected that rather that the wandering chicks finding their gang, they fell prey to the alley cats that ran around causing a racket with their cat fights. Seems more likely to have ended that way.

So coming back to the chicken plucking, i dun think i've ever seen one manually plucked. One pull of afeather, one tuft of feathers. I think i may be able to do it, except for the bit where the lady took a knife and shaved the fine furry;feathery bits off like aman would shave his beard. I would prb just cut the neck off, makes more sense anyways; i never eat the neck and plus man, the neck doesn't have any skin on it for god sakes.

I have an obsession with dead flowers.
Jonny called which was good, I told him i'm ignoring Tsun's leaving, which is only one day from tommorrow. I know I can do it now, but not sure how long i can do it for. Have a strange feeling i'm gonna embarass myself sometime in the near future with a sudden bout of uncontrollable crying. Oh why is evryone leaving? Janey thank God you rooted, excuse my selfishness as as far as this is concerned. Jonny comforted me by saying that he might not be able to measure up to Tsun but he would try. I dun want anyone to measure up to any one, i just want the original, knee marked bitch called Toh Tsun Yee (Michelle...ewww). But she's on a voyage across the oceans to find herself so i shall wait eagerly with a white handkerchief at the port, so she can identify the thinner, hotter than before Sabi and 'anti-social skills' Jane when she returns. Mmmm...am in the mood for dramatism indeed.

And now the sun is up, seven something and I'm wondering again where i am gonna be in the future. Sing CHik called and ma wanted to knw if i would like to go to Rompin, i seriously dun mind going, should find out today!

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