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A Question of Memory

I don't know about you, but when ever I meet someone I extend my hand to say hello to them, and then let them lead me. They smile, and then ask me something about myself, and then I return the gesture and accompany it with another question.

And if the other person feels the same way, then they too follow my lead and we have a conversation, and get to know one another, and maybe the next time I see them down the hallway, I'd wave at them or give them a quick smile. If I have time, I'd stop, and see if they match the move. Should they, we continue to have another conversation, and maybe, with enough of these we become friends.

When this doesn't happen, and we don't move past the first hand shake, we remain acquaintances. Till maybe we get stuck in the lift, or any other confined space, like a meeting or a training session, where once again, they take the lead and I follow.

When that doesn't happen, they stay an acquaintance, and slowly the memory of the first handsh…

Why Old India doesn't stand a chance.

I went for lunch yesterday at a friends place, and on the way back, which was a bit of distance I was thinking about my life and what we had done through the eyes of the traditional Indian. So often we worry about God and his judgement, that we forget the judgement people make on people like us.

The days when boys and girls don't talk to eachother are gone. A person's gender has become irrelevant these days, and more importantly, amongst the younger generation, we question why gender was ever an issue.

I know the answer to that, because when I came of age my aunt said this, " Now that you're a big girl, you can't talk to boys anymore. Talking to them can get you pregnant."

I laugh now, I laughed then, because I knew better. At ten, I could disbelieve the thoughts that someone much older to me had held their whole lives. And after having had lunch with a mixed group, with boys and girls, two couples holding hands, sitting on eachother's laps, at a friends hom…

This is what it is

So we're going through this project at work. And I hope I rise to the ocassion and I certainly do hope to do the best.

But I know what will make me happier. A stable life, a known tommorow. Not money wise but person wise. I guess, at the end of the day, it's all I've ever wanted.

Not your average mystery woman

So the past weeks have been moderately eventfull. I think I've had to undergo a spectrum of emotions & feelings, and I continue to experience things that don't quite come naturally to me.

Like maybe this- sitting in a crowd of nine strangers, looking at you, then taking a deep breath and then looking at eachother and then nodding and smiling amongst eachother. They they remember there's someone else in the room and revert to looking at you, albeit less interestedly.

Or maybe being rushed off by the parents & these strangers to the garden area where you are expected to have the all important ten minute conversation with your potential bride groom. And you know for a fact, your mother is peeping through the window, being watched like a hawk watches its prey before it swoops down for a good meal.

Incase you havent figured it out, I got match made this Friday. And it was a strange place to be, those few hours of my life. It didn't feel like my life actually.. but Satu…