14 September 2009

Not your average mystery woman

So the past weeks have been moderately eventfull. I think I've had to undergo a spectrum of emotions & feelings, and I continue to experience things that don't quite come naturally to me.

Like maybe this- sitting in a crowd of nine strangers, looking at you, then taking a deep breath and then looking at eachother and then nodding and smiling amongst eachother. They they remember there's someone else in the room and revert to looking at you, albeit less interestedly.

Or maybe being rushed off by the parents & these strangers to the garden area where you are expected to have the all important ten minute conversation with your potential bride groom. And you know for a fact, your mother is peeping through the window, being watched like a hawk watches its prey before it swoops down for a good meal.

Incase you havent figured it out, I got match made this Friday. And it was a strange place to be, those few hours of my life. It didn't feel like my life actually.. but Saturday chick flick with the gang and the more than few drinks after that, restored my pride in this sinful life I lead.

I hear the next match up is a navy man. Fancy a swim anyone?


m@c said...

so ... what happened

Saro said...

I said no :)

Mansi said...

how about the navy guy?

Saro said...

I don't know..I don't want to ask my mum either, cz lord knows, that might be interpreted as interest and we wouldn't want that now would we... he he