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Fashion And You- Online Shopping Whine!

So I recently (almost a month ago) purchased a 2 items from this website, it was clothing and they called me back two days later saying that they were unable to provide the size of a top that I had initially ordered, due to a technical glitch that allowed me to think that there was still clothing of a certain size, when in reality it wasn't there.

So I got angry, did the usual drama and said that it was ok, I would stick to the order, but I would take a size larger because the top was nice, and if I couldn't wear it, I could still gift it away. They offered a "We are sorry voucher" for Rs 250 to apologize for the inconvenience. I checked on the time it takes for delivery, and they advised that while the policy says 3-4 weeks, realistically it should be delivered in 2 weeks time.

Of course, that time frame expired one week ago. So I called the team last week, and was told to wait it out till the end of the week for the products to come in. I also asked abou…

Nandos- Bangalore

So a few months ago (in Dec) a couple of friends and I hopped over to the then newly opened Nandos on Church St. Nandos is a South African fast food chain outlet, that sells chicken with peri sauce. Peri sauce is chili sauce, that is tangy and the hotness of the chili is split into different levels of 'heat'. Unfortunately, when we got there, they were packed, place was too full, orders slow and the chicken not on par with the standards that we were used to.

So it'd been avoided till today, we decided to hop over again, as the word on the grape vine was that things had now changed.

And change it had! The place was still filled, but not packed. The waiters were more relaxed, the food came in 15 minutes and the super big bonus was the new alcohol menu, which honestly I haven't seen before! A Kingfisher pint was priced about Rs 120 (I can't remember) which I guess is average bar price. My brain couldn't process the idea of Nandos with alcohol so we ordered coke a…