12 March 2011

Nandos- Bangalore

So a few months ago (in Dec) a couple of friends and I hopped over to the then newly opened Nandos on Church St. Nandos is a South African fast food chain outlet, that sells chicken with peri sauce. Peri sauce is chili sauce, that is tangy and the hotness of the chili is split into different levels of 'heat'. Unfortunately, when we got there, they were packed, place was too full, orders slow and the chicken not on par with the standards that we were used to.

So it'd been avoided till today, we decided to hop over again, as the word on the grape vine was that things had now changed.

And change it had! The place was still filled, but not packed. The waiters were more relaxed, the food came in 15 minutes and the super big bonus was the new alcohol menu, which honestly I haven't seen before! A Kingfisher pint was priced about Rs 120 (I can't remember) which I guess is average bar price. My brain couldn't process the idea of Nandos with alcohol so we ordered coke and left it at that.

Dish 1 & Only One: 1/4 Chicken Meal

Price: Rs 295

Rating: 4.5/5

Liked: Well, where do I start. I picked mine to be Lemon and Herb, and the meal came with potato wedges sprinkled with peri dust (sour-chili powder), leg and breast of chicken, coleslaw and a rather big bowl of basmathi rice. The chicken was cooked almost perfectly (a little undercooked closer to the bone). The wedges were of a good portion, hot and crispy. The coleslaw balanced the meal, cold and creamy with a generous amount of mayo.

Disliked: The rice. The rice is a hell lot better than the pulao rice they'd initially given, because there's more vegetables and less spice (cloves and cardamom- like the Rizo rice in KFC). Unfortunately, it still does not compare to the buttery Mediterranean rice that I want. But that's just me right, as I said, the rice could be a delectable addition to your meal.

Overall we were stuffed with that, though we'd initially talked about getting some desert. So as I told the waiter that served us, as I wrote on the feedback card, Nandos has pulled up its socks and has begun serving standard good meals again. So do go give em a try, for some good delicious peri peri fun :) And maybe figure out why the chicken crossed the road after all!


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Back on ur blog after a long time.. and this post defintly helps now tht i've shifted to bangalore.
btw, yummy chkn pikcha.. keep us updated :-)