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Purity Knows more Cruelty

Lately, my sensitivity to the plight of dogs has increased. Possibly because of two main reasons. One, the crazy dog lady near our house who has 4 dogs, 4 puppies aged about 4 months and 5 small puppies, aged about two m onths old. Another reason has to be because last week, when we went to check a few beagles that were up for adoption at CUPA, we found that they had suspended operations till further notice.

We have a few Marati neighbours who are your typical neighbours, the sort that clean the street in front of their house. Also strictly vegetarian, they actually buy milk from a milk man, the sort that has those aluminium cylinders with fresh cow milk. They also have a garden in the waste land between the walls of their house and the street, cook all day (everytime I'm around the window of their kitchen, there's always someone inside, cooking!) Well kept homes are a rarity these days, atleast those that are clean inside and out.

That's why last week, when the crazy do…

The Bankster- Ravi Subramaniam

I got the book this afternoon at 1:00pm, and I'm writing the review at 10:00 pm. Thank you Blogadda for my free author signed book to review!

 That can only mean 2 things

1. This book was un-put-downable!
2. Was a book that took about 6 hours in total to read, with 350 odd pages to read, so if you have long train journey, this is the book that will give you company!

This is the first Ravi Subramaniam book that I've read, and I must say, I'd certainly back him up as an author that's here to stay. In his latest thriller, Subramaniam writes about the following themes- the banking culture within globalised mega corporate subculture, international affairs, money laundering- the whole deal, placement, layering and integration. All of the themes above are very contemporary and urban and in addition to that, he certainly manages to spice up the other wise potentially boring corporate world.

The book starts off with three seemingly unrelated stories, brought forward by chapt…