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Why this Kolaveri di?

I went on a quick coffee break.. friend says, i heard this new song on MTV last night, pretty nice. I say, cool and then thought nothing of it, until another group of younger guys come over with one of their phones playing the same song.. my group rejoices, complimentsthe song choice, while the others who hadn't heard it tune in.

Slow smiles and head swings. I didn't get it.

Fast forward, got back to my seat and checked my mails.. tadaa! The lyrics for the songs, sent by a colleague to some of us that knew tamil. I didn't even know he'd come into work yet.. Walked over to ask him if that was the first mail that he sent that day.. he chuckles and goes, what a song man.. nonsens-u but-u very true-u

I knew I had been marked on something 'cool', so I forward the mail with the lyrics to 2 others that I know. In five mins I have two others, asking me to forward the lyrics... what is it about this song??!!.. I glanced over the lyrics and thought to myself: ok, so it&#…

This Weather!!! And Then There Was No One & 3 Sisters

How has you Saturday been? Mine's been slow and inspiring.. inspiring laziness. Being curled up on the sofa with a book/s, constant flow of food & drinks.. warming up my feet..

Reads for today/a little bit for yesterday: Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None"- just looked it up on Wikipedia and apparently once of her well known mysteries. Stuck on an Island, 10 guests slowly murdered, a classic who'd dunnit. In all honestly, this one I could not guess.. and yes, suspense was enough to want me to turn to the last page in the book and hazard a discovery. I gave into want, did a quick sneak peek and woefully, I didn't find out who'd dunnit..

Worth your read, especially if you've got about 3 hours to spare.. not a very long book.. it almost reads supernatural.. thank god there's a logical answer.

(Sipping Bru's Colombian Coffee- Rs 300 for 50g- WHAAAT?)

Then, I moved onto a different part of the world.. Man Asian Literary Prize winning Thr…

This Weekend

Mmmm.. what a rainy, coldish weekend it seemed to be, with the apparent storm in Chennai. Can't say the weather DID NOT replicate the current personal environment. So we headed out, first to Kosta Coffee House.. daym those giant chocolate muffins. Take away the eggy smell and they are delicious.. we also got some smoked chicken ham sandwich & smoked paprika pasta salad.. atleast that's what I think was called.

Then we decided to do some quick shopping for some lamps, and I have say Fab India has a beautiful assortment of them. Especially the sort that I like aka. paper lanterns, old colonial/indian blend of furniure. We got a square lamp, since they were for a boy and steered clear of everything else that looked flowery. By the way the indira nagar outlets have beautiful patio looking furniture, that I would DIE to have.

Once we picked out our lamp, we decided to try the Metro. Sure that there would be some parking space, we got on at the Vivekanadanagar Stop and headed ov…