26 November 2011

Why this Kolaveri di?

I went on a quick coffee break.. friend says, i heard this new song on MTV last night, pretty nice. I say, cool and then thought nothing of it, until another group of younger guys come over with one of their phones playing the same song.. my group rejoices, complimentsthe song choice, while the others who hadn't heard it tune in.

Slow smiles and head swings. I didn't get it.

Fast forward, got back to my seat and checked my mails.. tadaa! The lyrics for the songs, sent by a colleague to some of us that knew tamil. I didn't even know he'd come into work yet.. Walked over to ask him if that was the first mail that he sent that day.. he chuckles and goes, what a song man.. nonsens-u but-u very true-u

I knew I had been marked on something 'cool', so I forward the mail with the lyrics to 2 others that I know. In five mins I have two others, asking me to forward the lyrics... what is it about this song??!!.. I glanced over the lyrics and thought to myself: ok, so it's another song about a boy, alcohol and a girl.


Fast forward later in the day.. locker room, another fella playing the song YET again.. my friend asks what song da... nice song, listen no... after a few minutes how are things with the girlfried, my friend asks. oh for her only man, everything gon-u, stupid boy-u, girlsz come-u, girlsz go-u, singing looking at the sky through the ceiling of the locker room.. both laugh..

I still don't get it.

Got home, logged into fb.. and yup you guessed it. It's gone viral, 6 friends have shared the video..so I played it, I listened to it & well, googled it.. and apparently it's hit 5 million or so hits on you tube. So i thought, lemme go blog it.. and tell everyone, I DON'T GET IT!!!


Here, you be the judge, tell me what you get... I have to admit though, it is catchy.

This Weather!!! And Then There Was No One & 3 Sisters

How has you Saturday been? Mine's been slow and inspiring.. inspiring laziness. Being curled up on the sofa with a book/s, constant flow of food & drinks.. warming up my feet..

Reads for today/a little bit for yesterday: Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None"- just looked it up on Wikipedia and apparently once of her well known mysteries. Stuck on an Island, 10 guests slowly murdered, a classic who'd dunnit. In all honestly, this one I could not guess.. and yes, suspense was enough to want me to turn to the last page in the book and hazard a discovery. I gave into want, did a quick sneak peek and woefully, I didn't find out who'd dunnit..

Worth your read, especially if you've got about 3 hours to spare.. not a very long book.. it almost reads supernatural.. thank god there's a logical answer.

(Sipping Bru's Colombian Coffee- Rs 300 for 50g- WHAAAT?)

Then, I moved onto a different part of the world.. Man Asian Literary Prize winning Three Sisters by Bi Feiyu. Although some bits of the book did not read well,sounding incestous, probably a case of being lost in translation- it reads the story of 3 sisters of different temperaments. A lot of the comments on the book say it's a striking account of women's lives in Communist China.. I didn't think it was a very illuminating account, apart from the words of Comrade, or Party Member or annoucements made through a PA system.. meaning all of this formed the environment, much like the ocean breeze would feature in a novel about fisherman but did not bear much relevance to the plot of the book. Apart from that though, it's your good old story of love and heartbreak & ambition. Always a nice read, especially on a very cold Saturday, although the story of Yuxiu leaves you with a desire to know more about her and stops rather abruptly.

(Spraying some Amrutanjan Muscular Pain Spray- wearing heels, big muscle strain)

06 November 2011

This Weekend

Mmmm.. what a rainy, coldish weekend it seemed to be, with the apparent storm in Chennai. Can't say the weather DID NOT replicate the current personal environment. So we headed out, first to Kosta Coffee House.. daym those giant chocolate muffins. Take away the eggy smell and they are delicious.. we also got some smoked chicken ham sandwich & smoked paprika pasta salad.. atleast that's what I think was called.

Then we decided to do some quick shopping for some lamps, and I have say Fab India has a beautiful assortment of them. Especially the sort that I like aka. paper lanterns, old colonial/indian blend of furniure. We got a square lamp, since they were for a boy and steered clear of everything else that looked flowery. By the way the indira nagar outlets have beautiful patio looking furniture, that I would DIE to have.

Once we picked out our lamp, we decided to try the Metro. Sure that there would be some parking space, we got on at the Vivekanadanagar Stop and headed over to MG Road. Cost us 14 bucks each, and well, 10 mins to get there. My does the metro impress! Comparable to just about everyother metro-rail system, the train looked pretty and clean enough. Given it's been about 2 weeks since it opened and the limited routing it currently plys.. too quick to pass a judgement on it's effectiveness. Enough said, so far, so good :)

Popped into the new Pecos on Brigade Road. Heard they've closed Mojos now.. what a pity.. ha ha good bye shitty beer! Well the new new Pecos has a nice concept for each floor, one emulating the old Pecos.. with the pillars placed at inconvenient places. The second floor emulating Mojos and the last, on top.. I couldn't place. No more free pop corn either.. Did not sample the food, didn't hear any groans from anyone though.. so.. maybe all good..

Popped back on the metro, went back to Vivekananda Nagar (close to 80 feet road, Indira Nagar)..got the bike and contemplated going over to Amoeba to get some bowling done. Ofcourse, it being a Saturday we had to have a 40 minute wait before being told we had a free lane. In this time, we played a few games (car racing- I wond), Bike Racing (i won) and we tried getting one of those soft toys from the machine- unsucessfully.

We passed on the game of bowling and dined out at Little Italy. First choice was Mugen.. which had apparently long closed.. which is such a pity. I did not know that Little Italy was vegetarian, but how delish is the food. We got some complicated pasta- raga allo.. bla bla.. with vodka in the sauce.. and I got myself a Zen pizza.. substituting Olives with Mushrooms.. then back to Fab India to pick up the lamp.. then got drenched in the torrential outpour.. spent some time in MK Retail.. and then got back home.

Today's been slow.. the sun's been out.. re read Karen Robert's July.. what a book.. made Sri Lankan inspired Bendakka Sambol with some Ghee Rice sans Ghee.. and got into one of those rare moods to chat with NOBODY..

I reckon the solution to this Lankan Tamil-Sinhala fight starts with a sorry from both sides, and maybe some detention time.