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Why this Kolaveri di?

I went on a quick coffee break.. friend says, i heard this new song on MTV last night, pretty nice. I say, cool and then thought nothing of it, until another group of younger guys come over with one of their phones playing the same song.. my group rejoices, complimentsthe song choice, while the others who hadn't heard it tune in.

Slow smiles and head swings. I didn't get it.

Fast forward, got back to my seat and checked my mails.. tadaa! The lyrics for the songs, sent by a colleague to some of us that knew tamil. I didn't even know he'd come into work yet.. Walked over to ask him if that was the first mail that he sent that day.. he chuckles and goes, what a song man.. nonsens-u but-u very true-u

I knew I had been marked on something 'cool', so I forward the mail with the lyrics to 2 others that I know. In five mins I have two others, asking me to forward the lyrics... what is it about this song??!!.. I glanced over the lyrics and thought to myself: ok, so it's another song about a boy, alcohol and a girl.


Fast forward later in the day.. locker room, another fella playing the song YET again.. my friend asks what song da... nice song, listen no... after a few minutes how are things with the girlfried, my friend asks. oh for her only man, everything gon-u, stupid boy-u, girlsz come-u, girlsz go-u, singing looking at the sky through the ceiling of the locker room.. both laugh..

I still don't get it.

Got home, logged into fb.. and yup you guessed it. It's gone viral, 6 friends have shared the I played it, I listened to it & well, googled it.. and apparently it's hit 5 million or so hits on you tube. So i thought, lemme go blog it.. and tell everyone, I DON'T GET IT!!!


Here, you be the judge, tell me what you get... I have to admit though, it is catchy.


R-A-J said…
Hey Saro, gud insight into the makin of a viral.. I think's its just a really catchy number, some fultu time pass lyrics n he fact tht u gt to see the daughters n relatives of both Rajni+Kamal in one video n the rest, like they say, was history :)

My friend told me today tht considerin tht TOI hs been coverin articles on this song suspiciously too many times, he thinks these news items were planted.. so I guess it gt viral cos first, its a song by a few very popular people(real time n virtual), some great PR n obviously a very catchy number :)

Gud read, Saro :)
Amit said…
Good read. You should check the number of hits on the song now! :)
Saro said…
Hi Raj, yea, good point there. relatives of legends who look nice to the eye would def be an added bonus.. impressive, rounded analysis.. reckon it's a boy thing though?

And Amit, I'm scared to look at the stats.. can you imagine, 10 million..that's the population of some countries!
Saro said…
Hi Raj, yea, good point there. relatives of legends who look nice to the eye would def be an added bonus.. impressive, rounded analysis.. reckon it's a boy thing though?

And Amit, I'm scared to look at the stats.. can you imagine, 10 million..that's the population of some countries!
Amit said…
The song now has 15.8+ million hits. Real crazy numbers... All this hype around the song made me pen my post as well. BTW you should have an email subscription option for your blog. Or do you already have one and I overlooked it?
Saro said…
I don't have one.. and I don't really knw how to get one too..along with rss feed.. !
Aditya said…
Proves it yet again! Anything can go viral-u :D
Amit said…
Your RSS feeds are already available:

You could use Feedburner for your blog feeds and enable email subscriptions for them:

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