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LA DA and then DEEEEE

I could write what's on my mind and say- we should have a debate on tv one of these days regarding who is most guilty on making a mockery of the democratic process.. or write something completely irrelevant and say- let's eat some mushrooms n have sex.Either wouldnt make a difference, nothing's really going to it?


they should have a drink on the bar menu... coloured differently from all the drinks in the bar. And it should be called Single blues, and should be a super drink.. gauranteed to get you tipsy on the first sip.

and i tell you, if i were there at this bar, i'd go sit on the bar stool, tell the bar man when it looks like i've had enough.. he ought to speedial 1. N drink till he thinks i'm done for the night, n have my ride come pick me up n go straight home.

that's what i think anyways.

Mental 2008

where did my bubble gum happy world go?

i no longer recognize my life as the one that i wanted.

what happened to the dreams i weaved?

who was it that took it all away from me?

where's that beacon that i was following in this ocean?

lost. disenchanted. loosing sight of the rainbows.

don't tell me life is this bland.

don't tell me i cannot be saved.

most of all, don't tell me i cannot save myself.

I do not need to wait for your saviour.

I do not need to wait for u to leave.

and i refuse to be put down, let down or be told to sit down.

for whatever is lost, can be reclaimed.

And btw, you can be replaced.