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It's a funny world we live in today. So many people, from so many different places around the world converse with each other every day, exchanging thoughts and ideas. And their differences sound war, their similarities plead for peace.

And in a world like this my friend, you and I are not so far away. We may not talk. We may not call. We may not meet.

But we do know when the world turns chaotic, like poles will attract. N opposite poles will repel. And I will see you, standing next to me.

And that to me is what matters. Everything else, dare I say, is immaterial.


when ur worst fears have been confirmed it feels like this,

ur legs turn to jelly: n u start shivering all over,
u feel like u believed a lie, all over again,

your thoughts though they come fragmented,
put many pieces of the puzzle together,

and you realize the people who taught you love,
taught you at the same time to hate.

and then you huddle in a ball and cry for what its worth,
and you realized how much this was worth,
but maybe it wasn't worth the pain,
n the anguish.

Maybe this is just a sample of what can go wrong in the future,
a sneak preview of things to come.
n if that's the final piece of this puzzle,
you may not acknowlege it.