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Everyone can play football!

The world cup is here! And I'm back from a lovely trip to Malaysia.

Who else is having as much fun as I am, watching the upsetting start, to have all the titans rise slowly out of the mess they dug themselves in in the initial matches. My prediction for tonight's match, after this Portugese slaughter of the North Koreans, is that it will be Spain turn to pump up the volume. If they don't, well, I won't be disappointed.

It's been fun because it seems to me, I've had my first glimpse at the North Koreans. I keep thinking of how, everytime they fall on the ground they get back up. And when they don't it's because of a real injury, not because they're trying to fish for cards. You have to admire that. And the Swiss Iceberg, impressed immensely against Spain. To top it all, that Nigerian Elastic Goal keeper, blew my mind. I know we're going to bid adieu to a lot of these fine teams, why should we be surprised they are good. They made it to the World C…