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It's been a tough week here in Bangalore. Monday began in a cab strike, all yellow board (taxis, maxi cabs, call centre cabs and rental vehicles) were off roads in protest of the petrol hikes recently. Given the fact that the transportation of thousands of employees working in the outsourcing hub of India was at risk, many companies chose to arrange for transport through busses while others decided to house their employees in hotels and service appartments. I ofcourse got the service appartment. :) Tuesday saw the strike being called off, whether anything changed for the cab drivers, I don't know, given that they're demands are still unclear to me. Why, Who and the Whats of a strike are rarely ever clear in India..unless you consult the all knowing newspaper. I think my lack of clarity can be extended to the general populace, as every third person you ask on the street or at random normally gives you different explanations as to what the purpose is. Wednesday we were all l…