18 December 2005


home abound.. tata kl..

to all .. merry christmas and a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR... shall wish i'll be either in KL or Bangalore for the new year... all goes bad.. bentong it is... sighhhhhh!!! bt yes...

tata fr a bit..


15 December 2005



purposeless... if all the dials of time eventually point out to one great absolute that is called death then why do we continue to live?

because there are possibilities that we do not know about..

yesterday the location was the great lake at ULU Yam near the Kenyir Dam.. if that's how i spell the damned word.. surrounding the lake is a forest.. and we went to a bit of the forest.. for both Mickey and myself, this was the closest that we'd come to goin to a forest in quite awhile.

he didn't like it- claiming that he felt as though all his blood had been drained by invisible insects, i didn't mind too much.. just that Alias (the thai driver) found a hook along the bay and decided to look for cacing so that he can catch some fish.. Monti was it- the name of the fish that was there...so we dug up some worms and hooked them along the way Nik insisted they ought to be.. altho i've never been fishing before, i thought the worm was to be hooked at one end with the other dangling, and moving the water around.. which was what was meant to attract the fish in the first place.. it's meant to resemble a fallen worm.. bt..

we had a fish,.. must've been a big one, because in the middle of shooting the datuk and his nephew we saw Alias run past the shooting site like a mad man. And it was too late, because it had cut the nylon string which we also found amongst the trash.. the heavy rains had flooded the jetty which was under water,.. i think the resultant flood must have washed up all the trash onto the shore.. and well we'd dug up quite a few worms.. n i think it's prb the first time in my life i let a worm dance along the plams of my hands..

and one of them had suffered from the action of being dug up.. and was bleeding.. which is ironic because when they were dug up i could've sworn that they were leeches, in the end it turned out that we were the blood suckers.. and since the hook allready had three worms in it, we din need the dead one and the fat plump one.. i gave the dead one a burial.. i suppose i'm being sentimental.. but then again, in just us going fishing we killed a bunch of worms.. and that big fish that got away.. still has a hook lodged at its throat.. it's going to die and rise on the surface of a lake, bloated like the fat worm that survived but as dead as the one that didn't...

it sounds like decadence.. but work doesn't seem like work.. from Cotton Club to Taman Bunga raya where i bought my orchid plant Orka.. Mickey and I were amazed that Malaysia had so much past what we knew.. and Nik echoed Queen Victoria's words when she became the Empress of India.. "We are not amused". As I told him on our little trek close to the dam.. i would be happy as hell doing this for the rest of my life.. working up at 5 30 is not a hefty price to pay for such beauty and such company.. decided that i am going to miss it too much.. along with so much more.. sigh..

08 December 2005

Sundays on Thursdays

First actual off day. Nik n i used Mickey's movie as an excuse. Just had a couple of spoons of Top Bhramin Noodles... alho never was a huge fan of it when i was in INdia it tastes absolutely divine.. yummmm*...

so far along the week, there have been quite a few artists.. for the benefit of those in the know- khatijah ibrahim, shidee, latif ibrahim, tushee, azmi, nas adila..

it's been allright, I've gotten a tan on my pre exisiting tan..but enjoying the solemn muscle calming effect that a beautifully free day like this is.. it feels like a sunday.. sigh.. well jane's cming back today so looking forward to seeing her sorry ass.. bt till then.. ciao XXX

01 December 2005


some days are made so dreamy just by you alone...

(And this was around when I actually told you I loved you- When you're done, yes you're right, click on the link again)