08 December 2005

Sundays on Thursdays

First actual off day. Nik n i used Mickey's movie as an excuse. Just had a couple of spoons of Top Bhramin Noodles... alho never was a huge fan of it when i was in INdia it tastes absolutely divine.. yummmm*...

so far along the week, there have been quite a few artists.. for the benefit of those in the know- khatijah ibrahim, shidee, latif ibrahim, tushee, azmi, nas adila..

it's been allright, I've gotten a tan on my pre exisiting tan..but enjoying the solemn muscle calming effect that a beautifully free day like this is.. it feels like a sunday.. sigh.. well jane's cming back today so looking forward to seeing her sorry ass.. bt till then.. ciao XXX

1 comment:

dD.Diyana said...

i miss u stupidddddddddddd!