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Something Profound

You know you've seen/heard something profound when you want to tell everyone you know about it. Someone posted this link on my facebook, I watched it because they'd tagged it saying: don't be ignorant. I didnt want to be ignorant, so I watched it. Many many pauses in the documentary later, I sat in my room at 3 in the morning shocked out of my mind. There was a flood of regret, I wanted to apologize.. I wanted to purge every cell in my body..
Knowledge does a lot of things, one of those things is to open doors, doors that you didn't even want opened in the first place. None of what I saw in the video was unimaginable, we all guess at it. Well, there's no need to guess.. watch and know. What you do with knowing is entirely up to you, but it's YOUR responsibility to atleast know.

Warning: This is a depressing documentary.

Make the Connection.