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As a lot of people may or may not know, mum's not home for the month. Which means I've been cooking my own meals. Which means I've been googling recipes, and I thought I'd share to the world, what I've been ripping off the net and fabricating in real life. I found the recipes simple, easy to cook and good to eat. Have a go when you can, and if I should make them again, will try and post a pic up. If anyone's tried them out, lemme know!

Dum Murgh - Chicken (Hydrebadi/Mughal)

Grocery List:
Chicken (I used 500 grams for this recipe)
Juice of lemon/ lime 1
Ghee 2 tbsp (doesn't alter the taste too much if you don't have this)
Butter 2 tbsp
Bay leaves 2-3
Cloves 8
Green cardamoms 8 (can be substituted with normal cardamoms)
Cinnamon sticks 3-4
Onions, ground 1/2
Ginger paste 1 tsp
Almond paste 1/2 cup (to make it, chuck almonds with warm water in a mixer n grind)
Green chillies, slit 4
Mace (orange flower, can be subs with nutmeg powder amt: one large pinch), powdered 2-3 b…


I have done mostly what men do,
And pushed it out of my mind;
But I can't forget, if I wanted to,
Four-Feet trotting behind.

Day after day, the whole day through--
Wherever my road inclined--
Four-Feet said, 'I am coming with you!'
And trotted along behind.

Now I must go by some other round--
Which I shall never find--
Some where that does not carry the sound
Of Four-Feet trotting behind.

--- Rudyard Kipling ---

The Weekend

It's been a long and hard weekend. Or rather 24 hours. And I have a feeling it's going to be a heart breaking week. I hope to hell that I am wrong.

- Asra got married last night. We all wish her well, we know.

- Fidel ate brother's razor refill thing. So that's 2 mm long blade that's floating in his stomach. The doctor prescribed some liquid paraffin to help him crap it out, so I've spent a good lot of the past day poking through his poop hoping like mad, I see some silver. Another two days of waiting before heading off to an X Ray and surgery.

- Got bitten in the eye by something, its swollen and painfull to touch.

- Hearing news of a good friends pregnancy. Lovely =)

I have a feeling I'm sinking into my lows, cause the year has been void of any serious lows. So here goes the roller coaster, heading towards doom. And then, when I'm gone, away from the reach of any sanity, remind me, I was never sane.


The title words meant little to nothing to me.. mainly because I've never been to one before. Meaning a ceremony that has the same, and well, for those people who may be as unfamiliar to the tradition as I am, it is- atleast in this pre- wedding ceremony, a get together of sorts, for the bride and her family, celebrating the departure of their loved one.

We all got mehendi's done, I think earlier in the day there was a haldi ceremony (if i know right, it's where all the relatives go over to the bride and put turmeric on her face and she will later take a shower to remove all the turmeric and the yellow). The friends of the bride (not me: unfortunately) and I guess the younger relatives of the household plan out dance steps that will be showcased later in the evening.

Following the mehendi, the music is turned on, and lo behold out come the dancers with their co-ordinated steps to Bollywood tunes that center around the concept of a departing bride. I thought this was sweet, a…


It was a some what fun weekend, stressfull for some and for others, a nervous- enjoyable one for other people. Someone's getting ready for their Sangeet & Mehndi ceremony. Someone else gets back to work this week. Another one attends a friend's, while the last one has a blanket wrapped around her legs in front of the tv, next to her dog and writes this.

So soon, time flew. And very quickly a marriage descends after a bachelorette's party that someone passed out on :-) Other stories of the night? Some ciggarettes, some weed and then some sibling unhappiness. Past that, I don't remember much of the rest of the night... What I'm worried about though is facing the fact I've been pleasantly skipping- which is:- She's really getting married, and getting through with this.

Lord knows it's been coming since the first time we met, she's never beaten around the bush regarding what she really wanted, and now she's gotten it... and while I'm happy, I…

And we start hearing the bells ring...

And the plans begin.. for a hen's night out.... ;) Any ideas towards any special things that we can do? ****************** So we met up today, at a very nice restaurant to begin planning for the hen's night. And we hit a hiccup- we needed a place to host.. so guys n girls, first thing u cannot miss- is an actual place to host it. Secondly: Food & drinks (turns out that this was the easiest part of the day) Thirdly: A gues list (thanks to the bride we had that done well) Fourthly: A stripper (and this we still have not found) Lastly: Nervous anticipation of what this friday is going to be like... suggestions appreciated all!

A month in the life of...

So that would be the first time there were no posts for the month of June. What's been happening?

I turned 24

Life's been it's usual twisty self, with friends coming down and going off, before they even land. Plans made, castles dreamt off, and well, they all came down, some what like humpty dumpty and his great fall. Except the King's men fixed him up, well and good, or so we hear.

Who's the adhesive that's going to paste the grande picture? LOL, who else? That's what we do, all our lives. Humpty had his men, we have ourselves. When things come crashing down, because we dared to care, we don't throw our hopes out the window, we mend the broken pieces.

One of the questions I've had to answer this month was what judgement to pass on a married friend who embarked on a dangerous fling of an affair. It will never be the right thing to do, never be savoury or exotic. But I guess, it's what it is- a short ride, that's over before it starts and besid…