26 July 2009

The Weekend

It's been a long and hard weekend. Or rather 24 hours. And I have a feeling it's going to be a heart breaking week. I hope to hell that I am wrong.

- Asra got married last night. We all wish her well, we know.

- Fidel ate brother's razor refill thing. So that's 2 mm long blade that's floating in his stomach. The doctor prescribed some liquid paraffin to help him crap it out, so I've spent a good lot of the past day poking through his poop hoping like mad, I see some silver. Another two days of waiting before heading off to an X Ray and surgery.

- Got bitten in the eye by something, its swollen and painfull to touch.

- Hearing news of a good friends pregnancy. Lovely =)

I have a feeling I'm sinking into my lows, cause the year has been void of any serious lows. So here goes the roller coaster, heading towards doom. And then, when I'm gone, away from the reach of any sanity, remind me, I was never sane.

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