29 January 2012

Butter Prawns

Sunday cooking! I had prawns at home and I had a dish in mind. Unfortunately, the specific recipe I wanted, I could not find.. but I found this one, which I thought was easy to do, again, everything's available in your/ my kitchen. No extra shopping. As always, recipe here
Changes Made
- substituted the Shaoxing Wine (Chinese wine) with a dash of vinegar, and regular white wine (I used some South African wine that the brother bought recently).
- The prawns had already been prepared to be deveined and shells removed, couldn't do anything about that, but they turned out so soft and succulent, that I'd probably keep it that way.
- Not sure how to make kerisik? click here.
I loved the taste, and this is definitely going to get cooked again, multiple times in the future :)

28 January 2012

Gen Y on Internet Censorship

I was born in 1985, and the people of my generation are called, amongst other things, the Millenial or the Intenet Generation. I do feel because of this, my opinion on and about the censorship of the Internet is more important than that of any other generation. Now that I've grabbed your attention, let me explain.

Because I think the people of my generation represent the hope of all those before us, of this unlimited, uncontrolled stream of information that could be used infinitely. Instead of waiting for a local, franchised magazine to publish its latest interview of one of the Spice Girls, we could have them found on the Internet, printed and brought to school. Doing so earned you cool points. And doing too much of it earned you geek points. Well, we now know that being laughed at in school and being a geek, has turned out to be one of the best things that could've happened, in our generation.

We were also the generation that saw The Terminator 1 & 2, saw the advent of the mobile phone and felt the world getting closer. Where previously the world had united through the death of Mother Theresa, the marriage of Charles and Diana, the Vietnam War, let's admit, we all counted the clocks on Dec 31 1999 and anticipating a mass catastrophe. And when that didn't happen, kidded ourselves (let's admit) that we never believed it was going to happen anyways.

And when the Internet did come, into our homes we let it. Because we wanted to know if everything that we'd heard was true. It was possible to meet someone online, just had to be careful to not let them know anything about us. We didn't click on random pop ups that came because we'd heard that that might mess everything up. The computer was something more than flow charts. Comic Sans was the hottest font on it. We started counting the number of friends we had in different countries. We were starting to learn that it really was possible to look something up and find it. No need to return the book to the library, or spend hours browsing through for one question to be answered.

And as always, someone thought to capitalize on our curiousity. Suddenly there were internet companies, multiple pop up windows, smiley faces, networking sites, you tube, wikipedia and free porn. We Indians tuned in. We added a new profession to the holy trinity Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher (or kicked out the Teacher). We became geeks and damn were we proud.

Suddenly a lot was possible, A LOT. And in all honesty, that bumped up the cool points of the internet by about a million points. And speaking for my generation (or the population that echoes my statement), we like it that way. We want to be able to write, communicate, learn, bum, browse as we have been able to do so since the advent of this medium. We can't control or decide what the corporates do, but we can control and decide what the government does.

Yes we can watch shows for free. The latest. That has meant that we have stopped, in some cases, watching TV all together. Has that dropped the advertising revenues? Harder to tax?

Yes we do share music, pictures and so much more. The last I checked, sharing was an important part of human compassion. Except when no one's making money out of it right?

What about child pornography, peadophiles? Well, maybe you need to keep a better eye on what our children are doing online and offline eh? Gen Y survived didn't it?

We need to stick to laws of the country and ensure we don't trash the government. Well we're a democracy aren't we? Isn't the trashing of the government meant to be national past time, and seriously, we don't make up that shit... it's what you do that makes us do the talking in the first place, so quit whining and fix the issues.

And which ever way I think about it, the only reason that I can think that this has been so hotly debated is tied back to the one thing that we know we can never have enough of. Money. I guess ome one's waking up to the fact that they're not making us much money as they should be..even if what they are making is already 'a lot'. Frankly, we don't care, and I know that a lot of you will echo this when I say, we're just going to have to show them that we're against censorship as we know it right now.

26 January 2012

Chocolate Walnut Brownie

Since I'm on a roll with these posts, here is another something that got cooked today. Again, yes, boredom was the inspirer of this on. Basically, when I went vegan I bought a packet of Walnuts and pumpkin seeds, needless to say when I switched back, I didnt know what to do with them.
I hunted out a really nice RECIPE and tried it out. Again, very pleased with the result..though my baking disasters are legendary. The only thing wrong with this thing, was when I flopped it over, it split into two, horizontally. I was horified, but good thing it didn't really make a difference to the taste. Also, as mentioned before, I added pumpkin seeds too, and loved it! Can you see how rich and beautifully brown this is.. tastes heaven too! And no this wasn't the original batch size. A lot of it got eaten, from the oven to the kitched to the dining table :)

Caramel Custard

It's Republic Day and unfortunately it's at the end of the month. My last amount of money is under investigation..used the Catholic Syrian ATM to withdraw money, and yup, you guessed it. No money, funds debited. Arghhh. I had tons of cream left over from a cook out a few weeks ago, so after many years (close to 10) tried again, to make caramel custard. I remember previous times I'd made it, I just FAILED to make actual caramel. SO I thought, on this day.. I'd give it another shot. Here's the recipe that I followed
Making the caramel. One thing the recipe doesn't tell you is when you're pouring the lemon juice and water, step back! It spatters!

The caramel bottom...
Pouring the egg and milk mixture into the moulds or glass bowls
Post baking! Tadaa... I was really happy with the outcome, though I have to admit, I messed up the caramel AGAIN, think I should've removed it like 5 seconds before I actually did.

10 January 2012

Love, Adventure & Miracle


Like an artist, he painted soft kisses all over my face and promised he will wait. Wait for me till I came back, and all I had to do, while I was gone, is assure him that he would be a part of my life. He urged, with his eyes and with his fingers curled around my palm, that this was important else we may not still know eachother when I returned. I nodded, I promised and boarded my plane. I dug into my pockets to get out my I phone 4, and looked through our pictures the whole journey. I was sorry I was leaving him, but something told me that this would be good for us.


As the plane landed, the Captain announced temperatures of 30c, and it was only 11 in the morning! I sleep walked over to baggage collection and checked out of the airport. Great. Taxi time. Took a deep breath, and with ease I had not anticipated secured a fair price to get to my hotel only to find, that fixed prices before the journey meant nothing after the journey. Not wanting to haggle (and quietly giving up), I collapsed onto my large king size bed the minute I saw it. Then it hit me, quiet silence. Silence I had not heard since the time I'd met him. And I remembered, what I'd agreed to. Quickly the bags were unpacked, the concierge sought and I was on my way to explore the city. Nestled between two bays, the largely Christian town housed many cathedrals- my interests took me off the beaten path to Rainforest park. Beautifully big trees, branches spread like giant umbrellas. Check. Click Click with my Sony Cyershot DSC WX7. It was here I felt curious energy, like a bream of sunlight warm and soothing. Yet, I was alone.


I rushed back to the hotel, at 8 in the evening. He said he'd call the hotel till I got myself a local sim card for my phone. I couldn't wait to share the pictures, my flight details, the day and everything else with him. I wouldn't share the silence, I decided. No need to state the obvious. I waited till eleven for his phone call, before the exhaustion finally got to me. When I woke up late, for the first day of work, I decided I'd make a call from work. The day was over before I could blink, and too tired to be cheap, I finally called him myself. Voice mail. Called after an hour. Voice mail. Called Gnanesh, his friend. Accident? On the way back from the airport? Induced Coma? My heart fell, my legs gave way and I felt nothing.

And I didn't for a long time, not that first year. I opted to stay at work, and finish the project. Someone needed to make enough money, till he woke up. I knew he would. I did not see him. I could not touch him. I could not feel him but I could hear him. I send pictures across to the hospital where Janine, his nurse would be his eyes.

The second year, he woke up. I didn't feel anything. He underwent physiotherapy and I was back home, but still working. I worked hard, he worked hard on recovering. Between our schedules, I can't say we spent much time together. Until three months into his therapy, he asked me about Rainforest Park. He talked about the big trees, wide leaves right in the middle of the city.

Curiously enough, he talked about being a beam of light, of being able to feel me and told me things that I had never told him about the park. Like having tripped on a pebble, because I'd opted to wear heels. Or the broken pipe that had wet the ground so much, the area smelt like mulch and humid clothes.

And then he teared up, and walked over to me and put his head on my lap. And I held him tight. My body lightened, he was back & so was I.

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